What’s It Really Like?

  People often ask me what it is actually like living here in South Korea. There are a few things that I want to make very clear: 1. South Korean do not and have never eaten cats. Old men did used to eat dog (the Chinese believe it helps old guys get it up) but […]

US Police vs. South Korean Police

  I have been struggling with the images of police brutality from the USA. It’s really hard to see this when I am living in South Korea right now, where police brutality isn’t a thing. In South Korea the cops are often the target of harassment from citizens who have had a bad day and […]

Universal Healthcare

  I have written about this before, but I just want to remind you all that I have Universal Healthcare. It’s really great. I get to see doctors whenever I want with usually less than a 30 minute wait. I get my prescriptions filled at my doctor’s office at no cost or a few dollars […]

Safest Country in the World

In a recent study, it was determined that South Korea is the safest country in the world. I have not even seen the whole world yet, but I could have easily told you this before the study came out. I walk down the streets at night here, and I feel safe. You see a guy […]

Being an Expat

We are all here for different reasons. With me, I had a health problem that was expensive to manage in the US and is cheap here in South Korea. But lots of guys came here to date Korean women. Others came to learn about the culture. Some came to pay off student loans. Some couldn’t […]

Birth of the Savior

  In keeping with the theme this week, here is another post about holidays in Korea. Buddha’s Birthday is an important holiday in South Korea, and so May 14th is a day for festivals, food, and parades. One year, I made a lantern at the temple pictured above (they had a class) and then marched […]

Mother’s Day

  Mother’s Day and Father’s Day were always hard for me back in the US. There’s pictures everywhere of parents being loving with their children, and I can’t help but think of how I didn’t get to have that. I have no one to call on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Actually, there are a […]