Trump is a Chump

We all know Donald Trump is a Chump and he’s the worst candidate in the history of politics. He’s a racist bigot with tiny hands and probably other tiny parts, and he says horrible and untrue things about minorities. He’s also a sexist pig that often makes me want to tell him off for the […]

Hillary Clinton Supporters

Recently a Hillary Clinton supporter attacked me on my Facebook page. I told him why I didn’t support Hillary Clinton, and I told him why. Like most of them do, he went totally ballistic: “You have to support Hillary Clinton! She won! You lost! You’re a loser! She won and your god Bernie Sanders told […]

I Am Still a Liberal Progressive

  You’re not crazy. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are nearly the same in ideology. Lots of people will try to convince you that this isn’t true, but it is. They both fall in the blue square (above), which is where right-wing authoritarians are. This is also the same square that Adolph Hitler fell in. […]