I Am Still a Liberal Progressive

  You’re not crazy. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are nearly the same in ideology. Lots of people will try to convince you that this isn’t true, but it is. They both fall in the blue square (above), which is where right-wing authoritarians are. This is also the same square that Adolph Hitler fell in. […]

My Vote in 2016

  It’s the DNC convention. Robert Reich, who I respect a lot, has asked us all to unite behind Hillary Clinton. He’s said that he is upset with Debbie, but he still believes that Hillary is our best chance to stop Trump. I absolutely understand this. Donald Trump is a racist and a sexist who […]

The Democratic Nominee

  I wanted the US to nominate Bernie Sanders as the Democratic candidate for President. I went through all the trouble of getting an overseas ballot so that I could vote for him. And you know what? I really thought he would win. So many of us believed in him. However, the establishment is strong. […]

Being Bullied by Democrats

  Now that the media has decided to consider Hillary Clinton the Democratic Nominee, everyone keeps pushing me to “fall in line.” I won’t, I’m afraid. First: I changed my registration to Democrat only so I could vote for Bernie Sanders in the primaries. I have always been an Independent, and I have already sent […]

My Muslim Friend

  I went to school with a girl who has duel citizenship in the US and Pakistan. She went back after college to run a school for the poor in Rawalpindi. I like her a lot, and I don’t envy her choices this election. Of course she is hoping that Bernie Sanders will get the […]

Bernie or Bust

I didn’t like Hillary Clinton in 2008, and I voted for Obama instead. He betrayed me by bombing seven countries in six years and being a really lousy liberal. Now Hillary Clinton is back. I still don’t like her. But I would have voted for her in November anyway, because Donald Trump is an idiot. […]

Unbearably Stupid Americans

  I was wandering around some conservative websites because I guess I like to torture myself. I have a question, and if anyone has an answer please tell me: Why is it impossible for conservatives to take issue with actual bad things? In the meme above (from a conservative site) the suggestion is that: 1. […]

Don’t Be Sad; Organize!

So Bernie Sanders is preparing for a contested convention and Hillary Clinton is urging him to drop out. A lot of my friends are Sanders supporters and they are all disappointed that he hasn’t “won” a lot of states (It was often close enough that they got the same number of delegates.) First, I want […]

This Might Be Satire

Many of you are too young or too straight-edge to remember a band called Propagandhi. However, they were very popular for a little while when I was a young man, and they had a song called “This Might be Satire.” I thought of it when I checked out this article, which basically sums up my […]