US Police vs. South Korean Police

  I have been struggling with the images of police brutality from the USA. It’s really hard to see this when I am living in South Korea right now, where police brutality isn’t a thing. In South Korea the cops are often the target of harassment from citizens who have had a bad day and […]

Culture of Fighting

  I have been thinking a lot about the #Blacklivesmatter movement, and about how everyone is so keen to fight lately. Look; I am not trying to fight with anyone or compete with anyone. I hope we all make it. That’s what the Bernie Sanders movement was all about; rising the tone of all of […]

Why White Men Feel Oppressed

  The cries of “All lives matter” and “Reverse racism” seem to have gotten so loud lately. It’s like white people genuinely can’t stand seeing anyone else ask for rights. In the case of #BlackLivesMatter, they’re not even asking for equal rights. They’re not complaining about income inequality, or the fact that black people are […]

US Police Brutality

I couldn’t write about this right away. I needed time to process it. It’s such a huge thing for the cops to be executing people… I want to start by telling you about the cops here, in South Korea. First, the beat cops don’t carry guns. Some of the ones who guard federal buildings do, […]