This Might Be Satire

Many of you are too young or too straight-edge to remember a band called Propagandhi. However, they were very popular for a little while when I was a young man, and they had a song called “This Might be Satire.” I thought of it when I checked out this article, which basically sums up my […]

Political Compass

There is a really neat website that can help you figure out your political beliefs and where you stand compared to others. It’s called Political Compass, and you should definitely give it a try.   Basically, it defines what is considered “left” and what is considered “right” so that you can get a better idea […]

Immigration is Hard

I have been hearing a lot of talk in the media about “If Trump wins I am leaving the country” or “If Sanders wins I am leaving the country.” This has become popular rhetoric in election years, and it needs to stop. First, here are the tales of two couples: A friend of mine has […]