Abortion is illegal here in South Korea. With a birth rate of 1.3 per couple, I guess there is some small amount of justification in their minds for this. After all, there are not a lot of Koreans, and the population shrinks every year. However, I know people in the USA who are against […]

Your Rights End At My Life

  A guy named Scott Perkins keeps harassing me with his religious garbage. He thinks he should be able to force YOU to follow HIS religion. For example, a woman should have no rights or control over her own body because his fucked up religion says so. He might be Muslim, I don’t know. But […]

The Perfect Analogy

  I found it! Ever since the mass shooting in Orlando, I have been furious. At first, I was furious that another mass shooting had occurred in my country, and I felt powerless to stop it. I was mad for the families, the friends, and anyone who lost someone. To have a gay club attacked […]

Do You Like Politics?

I talk about politics a lot. I mean, a lot. So recently someone I had just met asked me: “Do you like politics?” My first thought was: “No. Politics make me really angry.” And you know what? That’s true. I hate politics. It’s full of hate groups, slander, shady deals, and awful stuff. I do […]