We Need More Schools

If there is one thing that this election has really driven home for me, it is that the average American doesn’t know a whole lot about what is going on in their own country, or in the world. Part of the problem is a lack of access to quality education. I teach in South Korea, […]

Trump is a Chump

We all know Donald Trump is a Chump and he’s the worst candidate in the history of politics. He’s a racist bigot with tiny hands and probably other tiny parts, and he says horrible and untrue things about minorities. He’s also a sexist pig that often makes me want to tell him off for the […]

Black Lives Matter

Dear White People, I know it’s very hard to understand what it is like to be a minority in the USA. I understand that you have been taught to think certain things and believe certain things, and that those beliefs can be hard to let go of. My own mother was white (so I am […]

Too Many Guns

      I really have been shocked at all the ridiculous things people have been saying in the US media since the shooting in Orlando. One of the things that drives me nuts is the folks who want to talk about how guns are not dangerous. “Guns don’t kill people; people kill people!” They […]


      I just keep being horrified at the conservative websites (why do I go there?!?!) I am horrified at people who are applauding the shooter for killing gay people, but I am also horrified at people trying to call the shooting an act of Islamic terrorism. Why did this shooting happen? I will […]