Truth in Media

    Most Americans don’t know that other countries have laws preventing media outlets from knowingly lying. In the USA, the courts have decided that the press is allowed to lie, because free speech gives them license to call themselves a “news show” while not actually giving factual information. I try to tell people to […]

Those Days

I meant to get a lot done last weekend, but I didn’t. I think all of us have those days. I meant to add to the book, because I want to release a second addition with even more angry rants. But as it happened, I got caught up in a show on Netflix called Sense […]

Not Me, US

I just read this, and I thought of the Bernie Sanders movement and what we are trying to bring to the US. It’s just like what we already have here. There is a reason that elementary school kids can go from one school to another on the subway alone. Everyone looks out for them as […]

Safest Country in the World

In a recent study, it was determined that South Korea is the safest country in the world. I have not even seen the whole world yet, but I could have easily told you this before the study came out. I walk down the streets at night here, and I feel safe. You see a guy […]

Favor for a Friend

A friend of mine writes a blog about fetish stuff. Now, I admit, it’s a little on the kinky side for me sometimes. However, I told her that I would write a post about it since she’s always telling people about my book. So, you should check out the Magically Delicious Super Slut. There, I […]

Thank You Guys (and Girls)

I know guys are not supposed to talk about their feelings. This is why pictures that are related to feelings always have girls in them. Note the above. This is oddly also true for cats. I don’t know why, but memes about how awesome cats are always have girls in them too. However, being in […]

American Exceptionalism

I am not a huge Micheal Moore fan. In college I took a PR class in which I was forced to watch Bowling for Columbine. My professor was a former PR executive for a tobacco company, and he spent the majority of his life telling people that cigarettes really weren’t that harmful, and selling them […]

Fuck War

Oftentimes Americans try to convince me that there is a rational justification for bombing sovereign nations. There is not. They often defend the fact that this is now done without a declaration of war, saying that you don’t need a declaration of war to bomb a country. You should. And they tell me that people […]


We have some issues where education is concerned. First: We have two things that shouldn’t exist. There is no excuse for Private Schools, because this allows the rich to create a separate level of better schools for their children, while forcing children from poor families to get a lower quality of education and therefore have […]

Politically Correct

The term “politically correct” actually came from an era that has passed us by. It was a time when politicians worried about saying something that could be considered rude to a group of people, and so they tried to use very encompassing language. It was a time when that actually got you votes. Over time, […]