Being an Expat in South Korea

  I don’t like the term “Expat.” I had never even heard it until I moved here. When I first heard it, I thought it meant people who had permanently left their countries. But no, we already have a word for them. They are called immigrants. The thing is, when I moved here it was […]

US Police Brutality

I couldn’t write about this right away. I needed time to process it. It’s such a huge thing for the cops to be executing people… I want to start by telling you about the cops here, in South Korea. First, the beat cops don’t carry guns. Some of the ones who guard federal buildings do, […]

Happy 240th Birthday!

  I talk a lot about the problems facing the USA as a country, because I want us to strive to be better. There are a lot of problems, from a political system that doesn’t represent the people to corporate welfare, discrimination, and the militarization of the police force. There is the matter of private […]

Sick of This Shit America

  In the wake of the Orlando Massacre, I have tried to be kind to myself and avoid the Conservative news shows as much as possible. I have done this because I simply couldn’t handle all the hate flying around. However, ┬áseveral people who claim to be “liberal” jumped up onto the bullshit train, and […]

Truth in Media

    Most Americans don’t know that other countries have laws preventing media outlets from knowingly lying. In the USA, the courts have decided that the press is allowed to lie, because free speech gives them license to call themselves a “news show” while not actually giving factual information. I try to tell people to […]

Dear US Media

  Dear US News, I am angry at your coverage of the mass shooting in Florida. I am angry that you had to point at that it was at a GAY club and that the shooter might be MUSLIM. When a white Christian killed straight people in a movie theater, we did not hear about […]

American Mass Shootings

  I woke up to news of a mass shooting in Florida. The day of Pride, someone decided to go murder people at a gay club. My first thought was about how Pride in South Korea is sort of sad, because of all the protesters. They object pretty strongly to gay people here. However, they […]

My Muslim Friend

  I went to school with a girl who has duel citizenship in the US and Pakistan. She went back after college to run a school for the poor in Rawalpindi. I like her a lot, and I don’t envy her choices this election. Of course she is hoping that Bernie Sanders will get the […]

Safest Country in the World

In a recent study, it was determined that South Korea is the safest country in the world. I have not even seen the whole world yet, but I could have easily told you this before the study came out. I walk down the streets at night here, and I feel safe. You see a guy […]

Being an Expat

We are all here for different reasons. With me, I had a health problem that was expensive to manage in the US and is cheap here in South Korea. But lots of guys came here to date Korean women. Others came to learn about the culture. Some came to pay off student loans. Some couldn’t […]