It’s Getting Hot on Earth

  Bernie Sanders made Climate Change one of the staples of his campaign, and I hope it isn’t one of those issues that will fall out of favor now that he is no longer a Presidential candidate. I know that in the USA, we see a lot of crazy people denying Climate Change. However, I […]

Angry Rants for Average Americans

  So I wrote a book called Angry Rants for Average Americans. It’s a great book, and you should all buy it! It’s really just about how the country looks to someone who moved away (for work) and is standing outside it all. It looks into what the country is like form the outside, and […]

When Was America Great?

With Trump’s “Make America Great Again” rhetoric, I want to ask you all: When America was great? I want to know what time in history we are planning a returning to. I have tried to explain that white people don’t own America, and yet, they still seem to persist in telling me that this country […]

This Country Isn’t Yours

I am often frustrated at how everyone seems to consider white culture to be “American.” Meanwhile, the rest of us are not American if we enjoy our own cultures. Casseroles are American. Wine tours are American. English is “the language” of America. (By the way, the United States has no official language, in case you […]


  Native American Perspective: I have a lot of very mixed feelings about immigration. The Native American part of me wants to scream at white people who are against immigrants coming to the USA because they are immigrants themselves. I want to say that it’s not fair for them to say the US is a […]


  Morality is one of those things that everyone has a different opinion about. Now mind you, I am still upset about the Orlando Massacre because even though it’s been ages and everyone in the USA has already forgotten, it’s still a topic of conversation among my expat friends from other countries who are still […]

Why White Men Feel Oppressed

  The cries of “All lives matter” and “Reverse racism” seem to have gotten so loud lately. It’s like white people genuinely can’t stand seeing anyone else ask for rights. In the case of #BlackLivesMatter, they’re not even asking for equal rights. They’re not complaining about income inequality, or the fact that black people are […]

Which Party Represents You?

  The two party system has really let us all down. I feel this so deeply that I am voting third party this election, which you can read about here. A lot of people have said that a third party has no chance, and I want to talk a little bit about that because I […]

Hillary Clinton Supporters

Recently a Hillary Clinton supporter attacked me on my Facebook page. I told him why I didn’t support Hillary Clinton, and I told him why. Like most of them do, he went totally ballistic: “You have to support Hillary Clinton! She won! You lost! You’re a loser! She won and your god Bernie Sanders told […]