My name is V. Johnson, and I wrote “Angry Rants for Average Americans.”

I left the USA in 2009 and I guess since then I have been making friends from around the world, studying other political systems, and traveling.

Yet, it wasn’t until I began watching the coverage of the 2016 Presidential Election that I realized I had something to say. I was watching Bernie Sanders speak about some common-sense thing; maybe affordable higher education? And I realized that in the US that was a radical view.

So, I took a survey at Political Compass and I asked my other ex-pat friends to do the same. They’re mostly from countries like South Africa, England, Australia, Ireland, Canada, and New Zealand. In spite of our various origins, we all ended up in about the same place: to the left of Bernie Sanders.

This is what traveling and studying does. It makes you take a hard look at other political systems and see the good and the bad. This changes your politics.

I found that I wanted to speak to the other Millennials from my generation and tell them what I knew. I wanted to tell them that yes, the deck is stacked against them and they are right to follow Bernie Sanders, but that there is so much more to it than just that. And of course, I am angry about the injustice of it all, so I decided to call them angry rants because I think you can feel my frustration coming through.

Obviously I would love it if you bought the book. That would support my ability to keep writing, which I want to do. Or you could donate to the blog, if the book is too expensive. Every little bit helps. I really want to keep writing about things that Americans should see from the outside, but I need your help to keep going. So help if you can, and please enjoy the blog!