Bullying (Or, why Corri Gorbin is a bitch)

This is not a subject that usually has much to do with me. I am a University Professor so occasionally I guess I am charged with trying to prevent bullying, but no one has really ever bullied me beyond the odd comment that I am an apple (term for a Native American who acts “to white.”)

However, a friend of mine was violently attacked by someone named Corri Gorbin (maiden name Corri N Clay) and a few of her minions. They attacked her on Facebook via private message, got her banned from groups she was in, and in general tried to find ways to ruin her life both online and in real life.

My friend’s only crime was to say that she didn’t think the indigenous people of Guam were criminals, and she resented that military spouses told her when she arrived in Guam that if she went hiking or to the beach, locals would break into her car.

My friend stood up for indigenous people and fought against racism, and these classic high school mean girls attacked her for it.

When I made a post about how I thought their bullying was wrong on my Facebook page, they got me banned from Facebook for it. They are a pack of disgusting bullies and they are the foulest of foul racist people.

Shame them. Spread these pictures and shame them. Report Corri Gobin on Facebook and if you are on Guam, make sure you tell her how shitty it is to be racist against indigenous people and claim that they all break into cars.

Pictures of some of the bullies:



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