Religions Teach Bad Morals



I just want to say that in my personal opinion, morality should be determined by what is not harmful to others.

The bible is full of rape stories and depictions of slavery, and none of it is condemned. In fact, it often seems to be encouraged. I just don’t think that is a good example of morality. Some people say that you have to pick and choose “the good parts,” but I don’t think that is fair. All the bibles I have read are absolutely riddled with bad parts, and the net influence only ever seems to be negative.

It seems to me that morality is about what is good. That doesn’t come from a book full of rape stories. Rather, it comes from what helps people, versus what hurts them.

For example, rape is terrible and should never happen. We should all teach our sons to get consent, and to respect the boundaries that the women in their lives ask for.

In the bibles, rape is not only okay, but even the rape of children is talked about as if it was just a nice way to spend a Wednesday afternoon.

I am sorry, but I can’t see how traumatizing a girl for the rest of her life is anything to causally talk about as though it’s just what you do.

Therefore, morality in the case of rape absolutely does not come from the bibles. Instead, it comes from our own good sense that rape is always wrong, and that consent is very important.

So many religious people lately have been arguing that morals come from bibles of various gods, and that we should all “bring back gods” into our schools and homes. I am sickened that we seem to be going backwards as a people, and that no one seems upset by this.

So to be clear: Please stop telling me why our education in the US is so poor because your god is not in schools. Stop telling me that crime is caused because not everyone loves your violent and horrible god. Just stop. Religion sucks.


*Note: As a Native American, we actually follow teachings about brother wolf and brother bear, the Great Spirit, and Coyote the trickster (all tribes have different creation myths and stories.) But if you do want to pick a religion, I suggest one of ours. Even Buddhism has a lot of rape and sexism slipped in there. Our religions do not. So if you absolutely have to be religious, then worship Mother Earth, Father Son, and our animal brothers and sisters who depend on us for protection and friendship.

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