US Journalism and the DAPL


Recently I was looking for ways to help stop the Dakota Access Pipeline.

(And I found them, please click here, here, or here to read about it.)

However, while I was looking, I noticed something that really made me mad. All the US articles about he Dakota Access Pipeline were either on “news sites” that publish a lot of questionable content, or in business journals that talked about it in terms of the inconvenience that the protest poses for business.

To find a well-written article with a good amount of facts, I was forced to widen my search to sources outside the US. In fact, the best article I found on the subject (which actually included quotes from Native Americans instead of just mentioning them in passing) was this article. The Guardian is a UK newspaper, and I was shocked that they were the only ones to explain the story as an issue of Native American rights. That’s what it is, but no one else seems to have focused on that.

As a Native American, it drives me absolutely nuts that the best article I could find about my people and our struggle for the rights promised in our treaties was not from the US media. I can’t believe that they are ignoring us as though we are merely an inconvenience! I don’t mean to offend any white people, but we have been the stewards of this land for thousands of years. Our rights to protect it are not an inconvenience! This is a worthwhile and meaningful struggle, and I would expect at least one credible newspaper in my own country to recognize that.

I have been upset with the US media a lot as of late, but this really takes the cake. This is the biggest gathering of Native American tribes in more than 100 years, and more than 180 tribes have issued statements of support for the Standing Rock Sioux and the protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline. This is actual American history being made right now, and I can’t believe our own media isn’t covering something this important.

It’s true, minorities are often marginalized. But in this case… I just can’t stand it.

Also, please remember to donate to my friend Tawasi. It’s true, he’s a white guy and not one of us, but that seems to make it even more meaningful somehow that he has showed up and is helping. Solidarity matters. If you can’t donate, at least share his Go Fund Me page on your Twitter, Facebook, or whatever you have.

Thank you.

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