Another Way to Help Standing Rock


First, note that I have already posted lots of ways to help the water protectors in Standing Rock. Please read this, or this to find out how you can support them.

Now then, here is another way:

I have been looking into ways to be more helpful to the protesters at Standing Rock, and one of the things that they really need is access to laundry facilities.

Of course, that made me think of Tide Loads of Hope.

I went to their website, and found that you can send them e-mail and attachments. I sent the letter below, and if you could send it too, I know that we could make a difference!

(Below is the letter I sent, and you can copy it if you want. Be sure to fill in your own information!)

Tide Loads of Hope,

Hello, my name is Victor Johnson, and I am a member of the Blackfoot Tribe living overseas, as well as a long time user of your fabulous products!

I have been following the protest in Standing Rock against the Dakota Access Pipeline. I are very eager to help in any way that I can. I think that many Americans feel that this is a huge issue, not just because of tribal rights, but because of the growing concern over our fossil fuel usage.

In my efforts to help, I have contacted my elected representatives and the White House, but I wanted to go even farther. So, I found out what they most need in the camps. One of the big things that they have mentioned is access to laundry facilities!

Of course I thought of Tide Loads of Hope right away, because as a loyal customer, I enjoy following your outreach and charity projects. It makes me feel good about buying and using Tide.

I don’t know if you have been following the Standing Rock issue, but it is the largest gathering of Native American tribes in more than 100 years, and a very history event. It would be just wonderful if Tide could play a part in the support of their protest. It can’t be a touchy subject anymore, since even President Obama told the tribes that he appreciates them standing up for what they believe in. Besides, even if some people did see it as negative, it wouldn’t be many. The overwhelming majority of people support Standing Rock, and Tide could be part of history while also winning their loyalty if you could get out there and let them wash some clothes!

Anyway, I think it would be a great Public Relations opportunity for you, as well as something much-needed in the camps at Standing Rock. Everybody wins!

Thank you,

Victor Johnson

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