Stay Connected

It occurs to me that some people come across my blog, but don’t realize that I am all over the internet in other places. So first, please “like” my page on Facebook. There are some lively discussions there, and it’s a fun page. I would say that you should also add me as a friend, […]

No More War

We are a nation held captive by the one percent. Those who profit off the sale of fighter jets and bombs lobby the government to ignore the will of the people, and entrench us in endless and costly war. President Obama has bombed Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan, Yemen, and Syria for literally no reason other […]

Culture is Complicated

  Not long ago, an Australian started a Facebook argument with me about how he thinks that Trump is great. Now, I have written before about how I think that the Trump movement is a symbol of racism by white people, for white people (because white people think they own US culture). However, I can […]