Missinformation on my Facebook Feed


Recently a friend shared a YouTube video about how you can increase your fuel efficiency with homemade fuel cells. Naturally, I thought it would be cool so I looked into it. It took about five seconds of reading Google results to realize that this was not true. Mythbusters busted it, scientists busted it, and yet my friends were sharing it on Facebook.

Then there were the 9/11 conspiracy theorists coming out of the woodwork this month, talking about how it was a “controlled demolition.” Yet again, a cursory examination of the facts show this to also have been disproved.

I mean come on people, this stuff have been studied a lot. It’s not like you can’t go look for actually scientific research instead of reading your crazy news sites.

And finally, I came upon an article about a woman who decided not to vaccinate her kids, and then they got sick. She realized that she made a horrible mistake, and tried to defend herself by saying “But it was so easy to find information that supported the movement against vaccinations.”

There is no reason at all not to vaccinate your kids, and if you can “find that information” then you need to get better at picking what you trust. The failing is with you, not with vaccines.

Yes, it is easy to find information to support literally anything. But that doesn’t mean it’s true.

When you buy into fake stuff like this, you make us look bad.

We have actual truth to tell. The US really does have a rigged economy. That’s true. Jill Stein really is the only candidate that would do anything about that. That’s a fact. Corporations do control the media in the US, and they really do hire lobbyists to bribe politicians.

And those actual truths look like lies if you share crazy shit that has been proved to be false.

Look, if you don’t trust the government then fine. If you don’t trust the media, that’s fine. But you can’t distrust science. It’s testable. It’s provable. It’s studied. It’s fact.

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