Jill Stein for President 2016!


Recently I posted about how Donald Trump is a Chump.

Some people seemed to assume that this meant I supported Hillary Clinton.

I do not.

Hillary Clinton is a warmonger, and I was horrified with her support of the bombing of Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, Libya, and Syria.

I was upset that she spoke about sending ground troops into Iran last year, and that now she is now threatening Russia.

It is obvious she wants us to be in perpetual war, and as I have said before, I definitely don’t support war.


That is why I support Jill Stein for President in 2016.

As I have said, I think it is time for a third party.

In addition to that, I am really excited about Jill Stein because of her awesome policies, including the Green New Deal.

So NO, I absolutely do not like or support Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. They are both horrible choices, and I would never vote for either of them.

I am voting for a candidate that I support, who stands by what is right no matter the cost. And if she is in jail for helping protest the Dakota Access Pipeline on November 8th, I will only be that much more proud to vote for her.

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