No Shame, and No Apologies


I have been called horrible names. I have been attacked. I have been told that I am stupid, ignorant, and horrible.


Well, because I am voting for Jill Stein.

Often on the Internet, people yell at me and tell me I have “too much white privilege” because I am willing to even consider voting third party. They cannot see my brown face, or my Native American heritage.

“Privilege” does not guide my vote.

I am excited for the Green New Deal, which is a stimulus package designed to boost the economy while transitioning our country to green energy.

I am excited to vote for someone who is against the unjust bombings the US has committed in recent years against Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia, Libya, and Syria.

I am excited to vote for a candidate from a party that is active in many countries working for the people.

images (4)

I am not just choosing who I think is better of two people that I don’t like. I am not picking “the lesser of two evils.” I am not grudgingly voting for “my guy” over “your guy” because “your guy” is crazy.

I am voting for someone who I am actually excited about!

And even if I knew she would lose, I would do it anyway to help her agenda be taken more seriously.

I am making a statement of support for the land, and for things I believe in.

You can’t shout me down.

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