Resources You Should Have


Are you mad about the direction that your country is going?


Why don’t you let the government know!

Elected Representatives have an obligation to listen to you. It is literally their job to hear what you have to say. However, I understand that not everyone had a Civics Class, and that some people might not know how to find out who they want to talk to.

So first off, it is always a good idea to write a letter to the White House. You can also call of e-mail. Go to their website right now and tell them what is on your mind.

Here is the address:

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington DC 20500

You also need to keep in touch with your Congressional Representatives. Here is a website that will tell you who represents you. Go there. Find out who your representatives are, and get their contact information. Call them. Tell them what is on your mind.

Remember, it is their job to listen. Don’t let them blow you off. Email, write letters, and call until they get back to you. You are a voter, and it is your right to have your say on issues that matter to you.

Remember: Politicians are more likely to listen to you if you are a registered voter, so make sure to register to vote!

Click here to register.

Next up:

Think about specific issues that matter to you. Figure out who you need to talk to in order to have those issues addressed.

Here are some sample issues that may or may not matter to you, and people that you can contact:

images (1)

1. Schools. Perhaps you have a child. Or maybe you are just a tax paying American who cares about the next generation getting an education. Great! Then tell them how you feel. Complain about low pay for teachers, corrupt charter schools, and a lack of funding for classroom supplies. These people are your employees. They work for you. Your taxes pay for their salaries.

So make them listen.

The Department of Education has a website which you can find here.

Write to them at:

US Department of Education
400 Maryland Ave SW
Washington DC, 20202

Call them at: 1-800-872-5327

Or e-mail them through their website. Tell them what you think about the state of US education. I know that, working as a teacher in South Korea, I am appalled that College Writing 101 (US college textbook) is a book used in 6th Grade classrooms here, where we have the second best schools in the world behind New Zealand. Tell them that you are tired of the US coming in last of all developed countries!


2. War: I am sick to death of war. In the last six years, the US has bombed Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, and Syria. There is no excuse for this violence, and more than that, it is costing tax dollars that should be going to help us citizens.

Yes, you should write to the White House and your elected representatives about this, but who else can you harass?

Why not try the US Inspector General?

Office of the Naval Inspector General
Building 172
1254 9th Street, S.E.
Washington Navy Yard DC, 20374-5006

It couldn’t hurt to go directly to the US military and ask them to stop killing children overseas. Why not give it a try?

Or, you could sign my petition to protest the bombing of any country, as well as the nearly 800 overseas bases that we are funding with our tax dollars, which act as a private security force for corporations.


3. GMOs: Many people want more research done into this area of farming before pesticides and genetically modified crops are introduced to our food supply. There are several examples of specific things that you might want banned.

Bovine Growth Hormone: This hormone is banned in Canada because it has been shown to cause harm to humans. However it was approved in the US due to some insider lobbying.

Round Up Ready Soybeans: Lots of people claim that these are safe for human consumption, but there is a larger issue with this product. The plants are resistant to the product Round Up, and this causes farmers to more widely use a product that has been proven harmful to bees.

These products and other genetically modified foods are approved by the FDA and the EPA, both of which are government agencies that you can send your complaints to. Again, these are agencies that are funded by your tax dollars, and so it is absolutely necessary that you hold them accountable.

Contact the FDA on their website.

Or, call them and voice your concerns: 1-888-463-6332

You can also write to them at:

Food and Drug Administration
10903 New Hampshire Ave
Silver Spring, MD 20993-0002

But don’t stop there! Tell the EPA that you are against GMOs that are meant to be used with Round Up because it’s damaging to the environment! Tell them the spread of GMO seeds is causing us to lose control of our food supply and causing heirloom plants to die out.

Contact the EPA on their website.

Write to them at:

Environmental Protection Agency
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20460

Let them know that you are concerned. And if you’re not sure how to word your concerns, maybe do some research first. I found this documentary very useful when I was curious about the harm GMO plants can do after talking with a friend about it on Facebook.


4. The Dakota Access Pipeline: Perhaps you are one of the wonderful people who supports your Native American brothers and sisters and wants to stop the pipeline (if so, we thank you.)

You can directly harass the company that is building the pipeline on their website if you want, but as they stand to make a lot of money they are not likely to listen. (Maybe spam them anyway for fun.)

However, this also is something you can talk about with the government agencies that you pay for! After all, they approved it.

The specific agency to give it’s blessing was the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Give them hell at:

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
441 G Street NW
Washington, DC 20314-1000

Or, contact them at their phone number: 1-202-761-0011.

Make sure to explain that you know the company building the pipeline (Energy Transfer Partners) has been responsible for multiple oil spills in the past (and then filed to get out of paying fines.), and that you do not trust them with the safety of our land and water.

So what is the point, Victor?

The point is this:

You have to get involved if you want to make a difference.

Not long ago I posted an article of Facebook about how the US government is trying to stop people from being able to live in tiny houses and off grid.

Many people criticized me, saying that posting on Facebook doesn’t do anything.

Of course, I do a lot more than post about these things on Facebook. When I am upset about something, I put pen to paper and write an angry letter, or call my representatives. However, it occurred to me that perhaps others don’t. Maybe they do just click “like” or “share” and keep scrolling. Maybe they aren’t doing anything in the real world.

This inspired me to tell you about things that you can do in the real world that will really make a difference.

Please consider signing my petition to stop the bombing of middle eastern countries. Consider writing or calling or e-mailing about the issues above, or any issue that is special to you.

Look, people might tell you that this stuff doesn’t matter, or that it won’t change anything. But that is the narrative that you have been sold by the government. That is the propaganda they started circulating when they took away Civics Class and worked to shut you up. Don’t be silenced by it!

Remember: Your silence is taken as consent by the ruling class.

Don’t consent.

And here’s my promise:

Any time, you can e-mail me at:

You can tell me about a problem that you have, and ask me to research who you need to talk to, and I will do it.

That’s right. I promise you that if you write to me and ask for help in finding out what government agency you need to yell at, I will help you.

No excuses.

Get off your couch and do something!

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