No More War


We are a nation held captive by the one percent. Those who profit off the sale of fighter jets and bombs lobby the government to ignore the will of the people, and entrench us in endless and costly war.

President Obama has bombed Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan, Yemen, and Syria for literally no reason other than protecting corporate interests overseas.

This needs to be stopped.

And yes, I do think that we have the power to stop it. I think that the protests in the 1960’s helped turn the public against the Vietnam War, and I think that if we protest now, we can make the public aware of the bombing that we are doing, and turn public opinion against it.

We have the power.


The American people want single-payer healthcare. We want better schools. We want to fix our crumbling infrastructure and make sure that everyone has access to clean water and to food.

In spite of our wants as tax-paying citizens, the establishment created an illegal (not declared by Congress as required by the Constitution) “War On Terror.”

This is not a real war. It’s an excuse to bomb countries who don’t want to trade in US currency or sell us oil for cheap prices. It’s an excuse for weapons companies to make money, and for everyone rich to profit off the lives of our soldiers and the deaths of strangers in foreign lands.

We, the people,  want no part of it.

I think we have stood up as loudly as we can against it, from the protests of the initial invasion of Iraq on. People have been protesting at the White House and across the country, though media outlets don’t carry stories on it because they are owned by the same folks who (you guessed it) are profiting off the wars.

And yet, we are not beaten.

We are brave.

We are proud.

We are patriotic.

And being patriotic right now demands that we fight the government. We are a great country ruled by horrible people, and we have to take the power from them and give it back to the people.


Now, we have some obstacles.

First: There is a minority of people in the US who support the wars. The media makes it sound like there are more of them than there are. In truth, they are a weak and frightened minority of cowards who fear anyone who is “other” and want to kill people because they are not brave enough to learn about them. These people are the worst and least among us, and we should easily be able to crush them into their sad little holes and bomb shelters.

Second: The government. Our own government opposes us (the majority of people!) They are paid by lobbyists to continue the killing because war is big money, and because corporate interests overseas are sometimes threatened when the local population is tired of being exploited.

Third: The Corporations. They are the ones hiring the lobbyists to make our politicians defy us. They are the ones who want to use our military as their own personal security force.

Now, how do we fight these people? 

Well forget those cowardly Americans who are not opposed to the wars. It’s the government and the corporations that we need to focus on. How do we get them to listen?

One way is to petition the government, and so I have done that. Please click here and sign the petition.

Another is to post about it all over social media until it trends, so please share the petition link and this post with everyone that you can.

I want to say we can protest, but with the US being a police state and many of us risking our jobs with an arrest, that’s obviously not an option.

So finally, we can stop buying shit. Seriously just don’t buy a bunch of crap you don’t need.

Reuse things.

Buy things off Craig’s List.

Get involved with local hack spaces and use their products instead of those made by corporations.

Spend more time with your family and friends, instead of buying things to fill your home.

Do free things like hiking instead of going to the movies.

Don’t shop on Black Friday.

And above all, don’t support any weapons manufactures in any way.

Be honest with yourself about what matters to you. We are a generation of idealists, and we are brave. We are fighting the police state, and we are resisting the government in every way that we can. But it’s not enough.

So let’s do more:

Write a letter (on paper with a stamp) to the White House:

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington DC, 20500

Write to your local representatives.

Go to city council meetings and ask what your local government can do to help.

And above all, talk to people.

Tell everyone you meet that you don’t support war. Get the word out there about what the US is doing, and the people that our government is killing.

And protest it in every way you can.

Together, we CAN do this!


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