Culture is Complicated



Not long ago, an Australian started a Facebook argument with me about how he thinks that Trump is great.

Now, I have written before about how I think that the Trump movement is a symbol of racism by white people, for white people (because white people think they own US culture).

However, I can see how someone outside of our country might not understand that. You have to have grown up in the culture of minority oppression that exists in the USA. You have to see your friends and family turn on you and become racist out of nowhere. Otherwise, you simple can’t understand.

Look, culture is complicated. It really is. People don’t realize all the deeper connotations of things from the outside, because they only see the surface.

I have lived in South Korea for three years now, since I came here for work. I don’t pretend to understand it. I see the surface, and maybe even a little bit of the underneath after a huge amount of effort. But, I am not Korean, and so there are a lot of things that I don’t understand.

US culture is the same. You’re not going to get the wider implications of Trump running unless you are American. I am sorry, but you won’t. Acting like Trump isn’t racist and it’s all media hype is ridiculous, and all American know that.

P.S. Unfortunately some Americans know Trump is a racist and they still love him because they are racist too.

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