Being A Police Officer is Safer Than Ever


Recently, a very ignorant person tried to tell me that police deaths are up. He tried to say that “It’s more dangerous now to be a police officer than it has ever been.”

This is an outright lie.

Being a police officer is safer than it has been in decades, with the rate of deaths in the line of duty dropping steadily to an all-time low under the Obama administration.

Please click here, or here; or do your own fucking Google search of FBI statistics like a real person instead of acting like a monkey with a fucking stick, trying to beat the truth to death with your poorly informed and ignorant opinion.


Facts are facts, and no amount of shouting your opinion loudly can change them. Police deaths in the line of duty are at an all-time low. Those assholes in riot gear driving fucking tanks are SAFE as fuck.

Look how safe they are:


Even rates of police injury or assault are down. No one even has the guts to yell at them anymore.

Everyone is terrified, and they have very good reason to be.

Murders by police are on the rise.

No really, you can read about it if you click here. US police are killing more people than they have ever killed before.

The majority of the US population is white, so they kill the most white people. However, if we compare per capita to adjust for minority status, we will see that they are killing minorities at a rate of about 2 to 1.

You’re not safe if a cop pulls you over.

It doesn’t matter if you are not doing anything wrong or not.

Lots of people have been murdered even though they weren’t doing anything wrong.

Look at some of the reasons:


So police deaths are down.

But civilians murders are up.

Those are facts. You can’t argue with facts.

But then you remember that the job of a police officer is not to be a jury or a judge. They are only supposed to arrest people, so that they can have a trial by a jury of their peers.

They take an oath. They are supposed to accept danger. They are supposed to be brave and know that they are putting their lives at risk to protect us, because that is what they decided to do for a career.

They picked their job knowing it was supposed to be dangerous.

We don’t decide to encounter police, though.

We don’t get a choice.

They harass us for walking down the street.

They pull us over for no reason.

And we don’t get a choice like they do.

We are the victims here, not the cops. Police are the fascist arm of a corrupt government whose job it is to oppress the people and crush all protest.

They roll up in their tanks, with their armor on. They attack us. They stomp on our rights.

Look at this tank:


Look at this fucking police tank. This looks like something out of Syria or Somalia, doesn’t it? But no, this is the equipment provided by corporations to US cops so that they can use the government to CRUSH you if you try to stand up for your rights.

To pretend that the police are not an occupying force used to murder dissenting civilians is ridiculous.

And also, it is contrary to the facts.

Police killings are down.

Their murder of civilians is up.

That’s how it is, and that idiot who tried to tell me otherwise needs to learn how to read a book. I want you all to realize this and internalize this:

The police are your enemies.

They are working for the government, who works for the corporations. All they want to do is roll over you with their tanks and stop you from putting one toe out of line. And if you are a minority, they may kill you because they don’t like your face.

I will not make an exception for your brother, or your dad, or your uncle. All cops are bad. All cops work for a government that is corrupt and that actively suppresses its citizens. Fuck all cops.




I already wrote about how cops SHOULD act, and you should read it. Korean cops know their place, and so Korean cops are fine by me.

But US cops are the enemy and need to be stripped of their tanks and their armor and their guns, and left to arrest people who commit crimes and do nothing at all else.

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