Trump is a Chump


We all know Donald Trump is a Chump and he’s the worst candidate in the history of politics.

He’s a racist bigot with tiny hands and probably other tiny parts, and he says horrible and untrue things about minorities.

He’s also a sexist pig that often makes me want to tell him off for the sake of my sisters.

But here’s the worst part:

Trump being the huge loser that he is has driven conservatives into two camps that are seriously not helping.

1. Hillary Voters: Lots of Conservative Republicans have declared their support for Hillary Clinton because they hate Donald Trump so much. I get that they hate Trump and I respect that, but Hillary Clinton argues for the exact same policies. Look at where they fall of The Political Compass. Hillary and Donald are right there next to one another, in the same quadrant as Adolph Hitler.

2. Gary Johnson Voters: This guy is a nut job. He wants to get rid of public schools and public fire departments and basically make sure that you need to swipe your plastic to do anything in society. Need an ambulance? Make sure the person who calls it for you can pay up front. Want your kid to go to school? Better be willing to pay through the nose.

Old School Republicans were wrong about drugs, and about trickle down economics. They were wrong about welfare, and they were wrong about deregulation in the market. Time has shown us that, since the new generation is the poorest yet due to lack of jobs that pay a living wage.

And yet, old school Republicans were stupid in manageable ways. They didn’t try to ruin Social Security or Medicare. They didn’t try to take apart the public school system or do away with local governments ability to collect taxes.

But as Drumpf the Chump ruined the Republican party, all those former Republicans are swarming to the worst places. Hillary Clinton is just another One Percenter, and Gary Johnson is literally a nut job.

So thank you to Donald Trump for just ruining the shit out of everything. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

Trump University?


Trump Steaks?


I could o on but you can Google it. This guy basically destroys everything he touches with his sad, tiny little hands.

What a Chump.

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