It’s Getting Hot on Earth



Bernie Sanders made Climate Change one of the staples of his campaign, and I hope it isn’t one of those issues that will fall out of favor now that he is no longer a Presidential candidate.

I know that in the USA, we see a lot of crazy people denying Climate Change. However, I would ask you to step outside of the country controlled by corporate interests, and join the rest of the world in taking this threat seriously.

There are lots of examples of the problem. For example, coral bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef is worse than we have ever seen. Our oceans are really sick. We could actually see a mass extinction of fish in our oceans by 2048, and already fish populations have diminished a great deal.

PBS recently reported on how we are actually in the middle of a huge mass extinction. It’s not just in the water. On land, we are also seeing the die off of a huge amount of species.

Solar technology is being held back a lot by the lack of access to good batteries to store the power for nighttime hours. Not to mention, several states are actively trying to hold back solar energy. Wind energy is being held back in a lot of places as well. But that is just in the USA.

Globally, alternative clean energy is absolutely viable. Costa Rica is nearly 100% powered by green energy now. Iceland is also on their way to 100% renewable energy. Lots of counties are jumping green energy, and that makes sense. No more Middle Eastern oil! There’s literally no downside to all of this.

Please folks, I know that Bernie Sanders is out of the running, and that makes a lot of people feel apathetic. But the things he fought for still matter. And there is one candidate who still believes that this matters. Please vote Jill Stein 2016!

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