Morality is one of those things that everyone has a different opinion about.

Now mind you, I am still upset about the Orlando Massacre because even though it’s been ages and everyone in the USA has already forgotten, it’s still a topic of conversation among my expat friends from other countries who are still puzzling over the US having more guns that countries where there are active war zones.

So, you can imagine that I am still giving a lot of thought to how all religions promote violence and intolerance in the extreme, and how that causes innocent people to get hurt.

But, people ask, if religion is not where morals come from, then where do they come from?

Well, that’s where Secular Humanism comes in.

This is really just the idea that we think about things. Would it be bad to rape a child? Yes. Okay, then we won’t do it. Is it bad to end the life of another human being? Yes. Okay, then we won’t do it. Is it good to be accepting and tolerant of all people regardless of their race or sexual orientation? Yes. So great, we’ll do that!

When it comes right down to it, it’s not actually hard to tell right from wrong. Religions make it out to be a complicated thing that has to be handed down from on high, but that’s really not true.

If you stop and think about what you are doing and how it effects your fellow humans and the world at large, it’s actually really easy to answer any moral question.

Should you cheat on your taxes? Well, taxes pay for the roads you drive on, the regulations that keep your food safe, and the education of the generation that will care for you when you are old. Those are important things, so obviously you should pay your taxes gladly and not cheat on them.

Should you own a gun? Well, guns are weapons of war designed to kill other human beings. We know that killing is wrong, so owning something just so you can kill someone is definitely wrong. (If you live in a poor and rural area and apply for a hunting license, then okay have a rifle to kill food. But otherwise no.)

It’s all so simple.

And what it makes me wonder is: What kind of people need a bible to tell them not to rape children? What kind of people need a bible to tell them not to kill other human beings? What kind of people need a bible to tell them how to have sex and whom to have it with? These are not things that you should need someone else to tell you.

It makes me terrified of religious people.

Just think about it. They really believe that if not for a bible, they would go around killing people.


That’s fucked up.

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