Why White Men Feel Oppressed



The cries of “All lives matter” and “Reverse racism” seem to have gotten so loud lately. It’s like white people genuinely can’t stand seeing anyone else ask for rights.

In the case of #BlackLivesMatter, they’re not even asking for equal rights. They’re not complaining about income inequality, or the fact that black people are discriminated against when looking for jobs, at hospitals, or even in restaurants. Those things happen, but that isn’t what Black Lives Matter is about.

Get this: All they are asking for is to NOT get shot by police.

That’s it.

They aren’t asking for equal rights. They aren’t asking for special privileges. They have been beaten down as a community so much that all they are actually asking for is to not get fucking shot.

Doesn’t that tell you something pretty significant?

But white people can’t stand it. They have always had privilege, and they have always been able to use the police to oppress the minorities in the USA. The idea that they might have to stop murdering black people is so offensive to them that they are calling anyone who says “black lives matter” a racist.

So just to clear things up:

1. There is no such thing as reverse racism.

2. Minority groups absolutely do not have the same rights that white people do.

3. Minority groups absolutely should have the same rights as white people.

4. It is NOT “reverse racism” to ask not to get shot.

I might be brown, but I feel the pain of the black community and I can’t stand how white people I have known my entire life are suddenly showing off their racist side. Just stop it white people. Stop with the KKK. Stop with the “reverse racism.” Stop all of this.

No one is trying to take away from white people.

Any movement asking for minority rights is not an attack.

Get. Over. It.

6 thoughts on “Why White Men Feel Oppressed

  1. “All they are asking for is to NOT get shot by police.”

    Actually if police stopped shooting blacks altogether – zero, nada – it would have almost no impact on blacks being shot. The vast majority of blacks getting shot are getting shot by other blacks. Very clearly black lives don’t matter to other blacks.

    It is looking like due to the “Ferguson Effect” (Google it) that were off to record years of black violent crime and murder against other blacks. Homicide up 17% on average in 2015 (after declining since the 1990s).

    Facts are facts and BLM will end up killing a lot of blacks due to their racist view of what is happening.


      1. Oh good, another moron with learning and comprehension disabilities, or just another Democrat probably.


  2. ” I am a University Professor”

    We have to lament the incredible lowering of academic standards of the last 50 years.


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