The Democratic Nominee

  I wanted the US to nominate Bernie Sanders as the Democratic candidate for President. I went through all the trouble of getting an overseas ballot so that I could vote for him. And you know what? I really thought he would win. So many of us believed in him. However, the establishment is strong. […]

US Police Brutality

I couldn’t write about this right away. I needed time to process it. It’s such a huge thing for the cops to be executing people… I want to start by telling you about the cops here, in South Korea. First, the beat cops don’t carry guns. Some of the ones who guard federal buildings do, […]


  It is the anniversary of the day one of my childhood friends was shot. I kind of mark the day every year by feeling morose about it. It’s one thing to lose a friend to old age, or a disease, or something slow where you had a chance to talk to them before they […]


I spend entirely too much time on reddit, Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter. I know this. And when I go other places and my Korea cell phone doesn’t work, I stop and look around at life and it is nice. And yet… this is still my struggle. It doesn’t help that we have come of the […]


  Abortion is illegal here in South Korea. With a birth rate of 1.3 per couple, I guess there is some small amount of justification in their minds for this. After all, there are not a lot of Koreans, and the population shrinks every year. However, I know people in the USA who are against […]

Donald Trump is an Idiot

  I am really very surprised that I have to say this. I guess I thought everyone knew. Before he ran for President, no one took him seriously because he was just this reality TV star who was creepy and acted like an ass. He was born into money so he got away with a […]

Happy 240th Birthday!

  I talk a lot about the problems facing the USA as a country, because I want us to strive to be better. There are a lot of problems, from a political system that doesn’t represent the people to corporate welfare, discrimination, and the militarization of the police force. There is the matter of private […]

Your Rights End At My Life

  A guy named Scott Perkins keeps harassing me with his religious garbage. He thinks he should be able to force YOU to follow HIS religion. For example, a woman should have no rights or control over her own body because his fucked up religion says so. He might be Muslim, I don’t know. But […]