Hillary Clinton Supporters


Recently a Hillary Clinton supporter attacked me on my Facebook page.

I told him why I didn’t support Hillary Clinton, and I told him why. Like most of them do, he went totally ballistic:

“You have to support Hillary Clinton! She won! You lost! You’re a loser! She won and your god Bernie Sanders told you to support her! You have no choice!”

Of course, I like Bernie Sanders and I will always respect him. But his plea for party unity falls on deaf ears for me. And as a free-thinking person, I don’t have to vote for anyone. I always have a choice because I am not a mindless robot.

Rather than trying to explain free will and Democracy, I chose to just try to tell him some of the problems that I have with Hillary Clinton as a politician:

1. I am against war, and so are liberals. But Hillary Clinton supported the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. She also supported the bombing of Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Pakistan, and Syria. She even called for ground troops to invade Iran. AND she wants to give Israel more weapons.

Now, given those facts, how can you say she is liberal when liberals are against war?

2. She was a Goldwater Girl. I am from Arizona so I personally experienced Barry Goldwater keeping segregation in place, making sure minority schools couldn’t get funding, and trying to stop the progress of civil rights. She supported someone who was against my rights.

Now, what kind of liberal is against minority rights?

3. She was initially opposed to gay marriage, saying that she felt a family was one man and one woman. She did eventually come around, but only after the Supreme Court granted gay marriage rights and so she had no choice.

What kind of liberal is against gay people?

4. She called the TPP a “gold standard,” but we know that it was written by corporations for corporations to ensure that governments couldn’t enact climate change legislation.

So, what kind of liberal is against action on climate change and for big corporations?

5. She takes massive amounts of money from Wall Street and has made it clear that we’re not allowed to know what it was for (no speech transcripts for us!) So we know it is a bribe. And she has advocated legislation that would help investors on Wall Street create another bubble that will cost Americans their livelihoods.

What kind of liberal doesn’t care about working families as long as her buddies make money?

And so, I am #NeverHillary.”



Naturally, the Hillary Clinton supporter couldn’t answer any of my concerns about her questionable morals. He refused to engage in any discussion about her actual policy (because it can’t be defended.)

Since he couldn’t refute my points he instead wanted to attack my sources. It’s the classic deflection where someone ignores what you say and instead yells:

“Blah blah blah your sources are wrong!!!!”

(Just like whinny babies.)

So I told him what my sources were and why I trust them:

1. I trust the DNC hacked emails on Wikileaks because they are authentic, and they are in folks own words.

2. I trust The Political Compass because they are a British think tank of political scientists who don’t care about the outcome of US elections and who make their methodology available on their website.

3. And finally, I trust the BBC because they are funded by tax payer money so they have no advertisers to sway them like US news. Also, they are owned by the people, not by someone with an agenda.

As per the Political Compass, I chose the only candidate who agreed with my beliefs because she is literally the only liberal running. #JillStein2016.



The Hillary Supporter than said that non-bais sources were bias because they didn’t say what he wanted. At that point, I gave up.

But you should know:

Using non-bias sources, I can tell that Hillary Clinton is Conservative and Authoritarian, and I can know that I don’t agree with her policies.

I support #DemExit because the Democrats nominated a Conservative.

I support #JillStein2016 because she is a liberal, and so am I.

And no amount of bullying from nasty Hillary supporters will change how I feel. The simple fact that makes their heads explode is this:

I don’t have to vote for anyone I don’t believe in, and you can’t make me. 

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