US Police Brutality


I couldn’t write about this right away. I needed time to process it. It’s such a huge thing for the cops to be executing people…

I want to start by telling you about the cops here, in South Korea.

First, the beat cops don’t carry guns. Some of the ones who guard federal buildings do, but there are not police shootings. If you Google “police shootings in South Korea,” you do get some hits, but they are from 1955 when a cop in the old government went crazy. That was before the war, and the new government. Modern Korean cops simply don’t shoot people.

Second, they don’t come after you. It’s not their job to try to catch you doing something wrong, because prisons here are not for-profit. There is no motivation to ruin citizens lives by throwing them in jail over being too drunk one night. In fact, cops give folks rides home when they are drunk. Like Paramedics and Firefighters, they come when called. Otherwise, they leave people alone.

Third, crime in general is low here. This is because they all got together after the war and agreed that they wanted to have a safe society. They work hard to make it this way by being respectful and kind to one another. It is totally possible for a society to do that. In fact most first world countries have very low crime rates.

So that is something that I think you should know because it matters that the roll of police is different in other societies. It matters that they’re not armed, militarized, and squashing protests. It matters that they are charged with arresting people and bringing them to trial, but not executing them on the streets. It matters that cops can be a force for good. We need to keep that in mind.

In the USA, they are not a force for good. This is very hard for me to see. I am watching footage non-stop of the protests in my country, and I am shocked to see police in body armor and tanks rolling down streets breaking up protests. It looks like footage from Uganda or Syria. It doesn’t look like something that would ever happen in a civilized society.

I have a few reasons that this is upsetting.



For starters, the First Amendment is supposed to grant all citizens the right to peaceably assemble in protest. Since all the Back Lives Matter protests are peaceful, there is no reason that they should be stopped.



Then there is the matter of how crazy it is to have cops rolling tanks down urban streets. This looks like a shot from a war zone. This does not look like anything that I should expect to see in the United States of America. Why are we allowing this? This looks like it’s about to be the Tienanmen Square! If you have no right to protest the government, then how can you claim to have any rights at all.



As if it wasn’t bad enough that cops are pulling over and executing people, it got worse! Dallas Police deployed a bomb robot to execute a suspect. Think carefully about those words. They deployed a bomb robot to execute a US citizen and former soldier on US soil without a trial. No due process. No jury of his peers. They simply executed him.

And before you tell me that he was guilty of a crime, realize that he was the second person they suspected, and the first one was innocent. They accused him by mistake! And now he is getting death threats!

That is why we are supposed to have a trial. We want to make sure people are guilty of a crime before they are punished. And generally, that punishment is jail time, not an execution. So even IF the second suspect was the one who was guilty, he deserved a trial. It was the job of police to apprehend him and take him to jail, not to kill him.



Let’s talk about why our civil rights are being violated. Why are they taking away your right to due process and your right to protest?

Well, that’s the worst part.

You see police have been killing people. They have been puling people over, and then killing them. SOME of those people might have been guilty of having a taillight out or speeding. But last time I checked, the punishment for those crimes is not death. And, even if you could be punished with a death sentence for having a broken taillight, it would be after a trial by a jury of your peers. A cop is not a judge. He is a grunt hired to enforce laws. He has no right to decide if you are guilty or innocent of any crime.

So of course, people know this.

And they protest because they know that cops executing people is wrong.

Instead of allowing us to protest as the Bill of Rights demands, they are rolling out tanks and cops in armor to arrest hundreds of people, pepper spray thousands more, and stop all free expression.



This is simply not okay. Even our military is trained to use all non-lethal means first. They have to follow procedures to subdue a subject peacefully. The use of force is only a last resort for our military.

Do you know what that means?

It means the US government gives more rights to terrorists in Iraq than they give to American citizens. THAT is what it means.

How have we let it come this far? How have we found ourselves occupied by a hostile police force that takes away all our freedoms and kills civilians for busted taillights or selling CDs or cigarettes?

As for why it’s #BlackLivesMatter instead of #AllLivesMatter, there have been plenty of articles written about that. There is proof from many sources that white people commit more crimes, but black people are arrested at a disproportionate rate. All lives do matter and all US citizens from my Reservation up north to the folks down south should ALL be upset. But because this affects more back people than white people, a minority culture is upset.

And that is fine. It’s fine if black people have more of a right to be upset. But we should all be upset. An occupying army taking our freedoms away is a thing that affects every single one of us. If you don’t realize that, than you need to travel outside the USA and get a clue.



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