Abortion is illegal here in South Korea. With a birth rate of 1.3 per couple, I guess there is some small amount of justification in their minds for this. After all, there are not a lot of Koreans, and the population shrinks every year.

However, I know people in the USA who are against abortion, and I have never understood the logic. Woman are finished people. We put public education and investment into them. Resources were used to make them into people.

Therefore, they are inherently valuable to society.

A mass of cells is not yet a person. It has not had any investment on the part of society into it becoming a person. It is just a mass of cells that cannot survive on its own and therefore has no claim to rights as an organism.

Now obviously, I recognize that my interest can only be academic. I don’t really deserve a say in this, since I can’t get pregnant.

Not only can I not get pregnant, but I can’t imagine living with the fear of it. I don’t know how women go through their lives with an enormous burden like that and are able to behave casually. If it was me, I would be freaking out all the goddamn time.

Me: “Oh my god my period is late! What if my birth control failed? Did I forget to take a pill? Oh god I can’t afford a child! I am not ready for this kind of responsibility!”

Cashier: “I am going to need you to pay for your groceries and let me help the next person.” 

Me: “But you don’t understand. I MIGHT BE PREGNANT! This is an emergency!”

Cashier: “Yes, and I am sure you should talk to someone about it. But not me, and not here.”

Yeah, it would probably be worse than that in real life, but that is just what I am imagining. And you never see women do this. You don’t have them grab you by the shirt tails and shout about it. They just silently live in fear, and bear up to that fear.

So anyway, I know that a man’s opinion on this issue is basically invalid because we literally can’t ever fuck up this badly. The worst scenario for us is that we get someone else pregnant. And while it is true that we may have to deal with any babies that result, we sure as fuck don’t have to make said babies inside of our bodies. We don’t get swollen ankles and stretch marks, and we don’t have to go through labor. We’re just observers, but not participants.

However, as invalid as it may be for me to even take a stance of a women’s issue, I just can’t see what is wrong with it.

After all, we can’t take healthy organs from a corpse without the prior consent of that person (they had to be an organ donor.) So obviously women should have more say over what can and cannot be in their body than a corpse.

I get why it is illegal here in South Korea, although I don’t agree with them. But in the USA, there is just no rational justification for forcing a women to make a child that she doesn’t want. This is particularly true because we have no social programs to support her once she has the child. There is no requirement for maternity leave, no government subsidies, and no help.

I say that growing a child is a huge responsibility. No one should be forced into that. You have to give up booze and sushi and all kinds of other stuff (I literally don’t even know) and become an incubator. It effects your career, permanently alters your appearance, and has lifelong consequences. And don’t forget; women still die in childbirth. So there’s always a chance of that.

I just don’t see how that could or should be forced onto a person by a government. I don’t see how a government should ever have a right to put someone through that.

Also, with our separate of church and state, I don’t see how the people who have a religion should get to try to impose their beliefs on the issue. I am a member of the church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and we believe you should have to eat pasta on Fridays. This does not mean that I have the right to force anyone else to eat pasta on Fridays. I can only choose to eat pasta for myself.

How is this any different?

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