Your Rights End At My Life



A guy named Scott Perkins keeps harassing me with his religious garbage. He thinks he should be able to force YOU to follow HIS religion. For example, a woman should have no rights or control over her own body because his fucked up religion says so. He might be Muslim, I don’t know. But his god whomever it is thinks abortion is wrong, and so he is attacking me support of women and rights.

Because of this, I wish to dedicate this post to Scott Perkins (the religious psycho.)

You say that you have a right to believe in your religion, and I don’t deny that. Hazzah for freedom of religion.

But you see, your right to believe what you want, and live by what you want, ends at your life.

My life is allowed to be governed by what I believe. That is how freedom of religion and rights work.

You can’t tell me that I shouldn’t be allowed to buy alcohol on a Sunday because in your religion people go to church on Sunday. You don’t get to say that other people being gay is wrong because your religion says so. You don’t get to claim that all people of an opposing religion are terrorists because your religion doesn’t like them. And you don’t get to control women’s body because your pastor claimed that it’s “murder” to wash a collection of unwanted cells away.

See, this is how it works:

You can have a god. Your god and the idiots who believe in it can restrict your own lives as much as you want. You can make yourselves miserable! You can not drink soda or celebrate Christmas. You can refuse medical treatment and die in pain. You can suffer all you want.

But your religious freedom ends at my life.

You can not force me to suffer, or not have medical treatment, or not drink soda. You can not force my girlfriend to carry a fetus that she doesn’t want. You can not decide who I marry or what I think is moral.

I have the same freedoms as you.

I choose Secular Humanism.

That means if I was a woman, I could have all the abortions I wanted. It means I can drink all the soda I want and eat all the bacon I want and hail Satan at dawn if I want.

I have the same freedoms as you, and you will NOT try to impose on my freedoms with your religion.

4 thoughts on “Your Rights End At My Life

  1. As a woman, I thank you.

    You have no right to tell me what to do with my body. Absolutely none. No one does.

    When men can have babies, then they can decide if they want abortions or not. Until then, they get no say.

    No uterus = no opinion.


      1. As a former Dominatrix and current sex blogger and romance author, I am shocked at how often people try to tell me that I can’t do something.

        “Oh, that’s wrong,” they say.

        And I say that their moral judgments can go right up their ass.


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