Which Party Represents You?

  The two party system has really let us all down. I feel this so deeply that I am voting third party this election, which you can read about here. A lot of people have said that a third party has no chance, and I want to talk a little bit about that because I […]

Hillary Clinton Supporters

Recently a Hillary Clinton supporter attacked me on my Facebook page. I told him why I didn’t support Hillary Clinton, and I told him why. Like most of them do, he went totally ballistic: “You have to support Hillary Clinton! She won! You lost! You’re a loser! She won and your god Bernie Sanders told […]

I Am Still a Liberal Progressive

  You’re not crazy. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are nearly the same in ideology. Lots of people will try to convince you that this isn’t true, but it is. They both fall in the blue square (above), which is where right-wing authoritarians are. This is also the same square that Adolph Hitler fell in. […]

My Vote in 2016

  It’s the DNC convention. Robert Reich, who I respect a lot, has asked us all to unite behind Hillary Clinton. He’s said that he is upset with Debbie, but he still believes that Hillary is our best chance to stop Trump. I absolutely understand this. Donald Trump is a racist and a sexist who […]

Universal Healthcare

  I have written about this before, but I just want to remind you all that I have Universal Healthcare. It’s really great. I get to see doctors whenever I want with usually less than a 30 minute wait. I get my prescriptions filled at my doctor’s office at no cost or a few dollars […]

Climate Change

  I talk a lot about being from Arizona because it’s one of those places that is really distinctive. One of the things that makes it so distinct is that it is a desert, and it gets very hot in the summer. However, it’s hotter than it used to be. When I was a kid, […]

What is a Corporate Subsidy?

  Today I want to rant about something that Americans do, which is not a good way to have an economy. You may have heard of corporations not paying taxes, and that is true. It is legal for them to set up tax shelters overseas and funnel the money through them in order to avoid […]

Vaccinate Your Kids

Where I live in South Korea, everyone has a scar on their arm from their Smallpox vaccination. Vaccines are mandatory because it is a matter of public health, and no one wants to get sick and die. Back in my home country of the USA, for some reason, there is a movement against vaccines. Now, […]

Black Lives Matter

Dear White People, I know it’s very hard to understand what it is like to be a minority in the USA. I understand that you have been taught to think certain things and believe certain things, and that those beliefs can be hard to let go of. My own mother was white (so I am […]

Being an Expat in South Korea

  I don’t like the term “Expat.” I had never even heard it until I moved here. When I first heard it, I thought it meant people who had permanently left their countries. But no, we already have a word for them. They are called immigrants. The thing is, when I moved here it was […]