Sick of This Shit America



In the wake of the Orlando Massacre, I have tried to be kind to myself and avoid the Conservative news shows as much as possible. I have done this because I simply couldn’t handle all the hate flying around.

However,  several people who claim to be “liberal” jumped up onto the bullshit train, and this forced me to have to deal with the bullshit.

Since I had to deal with the bullshit, I guess that means you have to hear about it.

So, here is my take on the bullshit in no particular order:


First: I am pretty sure Bill Maher is just trying to get ratings with his outrageous comments about Islam. After all, a larger percentage of Christians commit violent acts in the USA. It’s crazy to call out Islam and say that it deserves some special discrimination.

Yes, all religions advocate violence in some form or another. That is an unfortunate truth, and it makes me grateful that the number of atheists on Earth is growing overall, no matter how slowly. At least we are moving in the right direction, in the end.

Yet in the meantime, it is asinine to say that one religion deserves more blame than another. The Westburro Baptist Church, the KKK, and many other terrible Christian hate groups spur people to violence all the time. Take the example of the white women who went “N***er Hunting” recently in Mississippi. They killed a black man (just for being black) and they got less than 20 years between them for it. They were good Christian white girls, just trying to do their duty to “purge the n***ers from the USA.” And of course, there is my own friend who was murdered for being gay. The guy who did it said in court “I am a good Christian doing God’s work.” And don’t forget the Planned Parenthood shooter, who was also a good Christian doing God’s work. From Timothy McVeigh to Dylann Roof, it’s obvious that we DO have a radical Christian problem in the USA, and it is every bit as insidious and dangerous as the threat from radical Muslims.

Anyway, Bill Maher can eat a dick for pretending that Islam is worse than other religions in order to get ratings. We all know that the Orlando Massacre happened because of hate against gay people. And hate against gay people comes from all religions. All religions share the blame.


Second: Some terrible, horrible, awful people actually claimed that the Orlando Massacre was a good thing. I would like to point out that they were Christian as long as we are on the subject of religion.

Now look, people don’t choose how they are born. They simply don’t.


Friend’s sister: “You can’t really be gay. You just haven’t met the right girl.”

Friend: “You can’t really be into humans. You just haven’t met the right Llama.”

Friend’s Sister: “It’s not like that! Humans are attracted to humans of the opposite sex. That’s what makes sense so we can have babies.” 

Friend: “Do you think, if it were a choice, that I would chose to have you and the family hate me? Do you think I would chose to have society hate me? Do you think this is fun for me?”

Friend’s Sister: “…”

This argument plays out a lot in families and among friends. People accuse people who are different of choosing to be that way. And I suppose, back before we knew that being gay was genetic, those people may have had a leg to stand on. It wasn’t a very nice leg. But fine. It was a leg.

Now, we know better. We know that being a gay is a function of biology, not psychology. You would think that would be the nail in the coffin of shitty intolerance, but somehow there are still people who persist in their hate with no rational reason behind them.

To anyone who thinks that it’s wrong to be different: You suck. A lot. Go jump off a cliff please. The rest of us are trying to have a society.


Third: I am sick to death of this whole gun thing that the US is insisting on continuing.

“Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.” (They claim.)

But look, people do kill people and they do it with fucking guns!

I am from Arizona. In case you didn’t know, it’s the official state of Crazy Assholes Carrying Guns to Make Them Feel Better About Their Tiny Dicks. We probably have a plaque for it or something, but we definitely have crazy assholes with guns literally everywhere. They can’t use their big boy words, and so they plan to murder people rather than try to talk to them and they pretend this is completely okay.

Think about that.

These people are super-excited to provoke a confrontation so they have an excuse to shoot someone. They don’t want to focus on disarming any aggressive people like I always did when I was a bouncer. They don’t want to talk to someone like an adult. They actually think that murdering another human being is the best solution to a confrontation with another person.

I can’t imagine feeling like I needed a gun to feel safe. How small and sad a person’s world must have to be to feel that way! It’s terrible.

But of course, being from the state full of the craziest of the gun nuts, I have heard all the arguments several times. It’s just a script that everyone blurts out. On one side is the NRA bullshit. This includes a lot of nonsense like:

1. You need a gun because the world is dangerous and you should be afraid of immigrants and colored people. 

2. You need a gun so you can be a hero when someone tries to commit a crime. 

3. You need a gun so you will have it if you need it. 

4. You need an assault riffle to shoot gophers because you’re such a lousy shot. 

And so on and so on and so on. Then the liberals have their scripted responses about how guns are dangerous and shouldn’t be so easy to get, and how we should have background checks even for private party sales and gun shows, and how assault weapons should be banned. And their script is all the same too.

In the end, nothing gets done because the gun manufacturer’s in the USA are the richest motherfuckers on Earth. Not only does the USA have more guns per person than any other country in the developed world, but literally ALL THE GUNS are manufactured in the USA. Where do you think those Syrian rebels got their guns? From the USA of course! How about the Syrian government who is killing the rebels? Yes, they got their guns from the USA too! What about the group we say we hate called ISIS? Yup! They are carrying good old USA guns as well!

I love when gun nuts say “Well even if the USA banned all guns, people would still get them from other countries.”


No they fucking wouldn’t.

All the guns come from the USA.

We, as a people, have to demand that this end. Not just for the sake of our our people who die every day from gun violence, but for the sake of the entire world and all the people who are murdered by bombs and guns stamped “Made in the USA.”


Forth: The media is just awful in the USA. I am going to list off a few things that made me nuts when I was reading about the shooting initially:

1. They never report that a shooter is Christian. They never actually say that. “The shooter was a Christian-American” is not a phrase you ever hear.

So, if you never hear about it when the shooter is Christian, then why the fuck do you hear about it when they are Muslim? I will tell you: Extreme media bias.

2. They never report that the shooter is white. They never say those words. “The shooter seems to be a Caucasian American” is never said. The race is never included in the headlines if the shooter is white.

So, if you never hear about is when they are white, then why do you hear about it when they are Arab-American? I will tell you: Extreme media bias.

3. They always use the exact same lines. It’s so lazy. It’s like they just have one article for all mass shootings, and they fill in the details when it happens and never bother to use their brains and debate what would be useful, factual, and add to the conversation.

Also, couldn’t they have made just a tiny effort to let some Latinos comment on the massacre, since so many of the victims were from a Latin background? Or maybe some gay people? All I saw and read was a bunch of white people talking about (almost) all the same shit they always talk about after a mass shooting, and not saying anything productive.


Fifth: Mental Health as a scapegoat is just outrageous.

We didn’t hear a lot about how metal health is the real problem in the USA after this shooting. That is because is wasn’t a white person who committed the crime. Had it been a white person, everyone would have rushed to say that it was not a gun problem or a religious problem, but in fact a tragic case of poor mental health in the USA.

However, the shooter was an American (born and raised) who happened to be of Arabic decent. Although he was not religious, his parents were followers of Islam. And so naturally, that was the scapegoat of choice because it’s important to keep the people frightened, and they love to be frightened of brown people who worship different gods from them!

Well, no one talked about mental health this time, but we can see how clear a role it played. The gunman was gay, and very unable to come to terms with himself because of the horrible people I talked about above who think that being gay is wrong. (Did I mention that those people should fuck off and die? Because they should.)

Anyway, his mental health was very poor because he was born gay, and yet stuck in a society (the USA) where he was condemned for it. It could have been the same story if he had been born a Caucasian Baptist. He would have faced the exact same mental health issues then.

So on the one hand, we need less shitty people who shame others for how they are born. But on the other hand, we need better mental healthcare for all the people. In fact, if we had better mental healthcare, perhaps some of those awful racists and homophobes could have learned to be nice and the shooter never would have felt pushed into his actions.

Of course, without easy access to guns, he couldn’t have killed anyone even if he wanted to. So saying we need mental healthcare does not negate the need for gun control. Trust me, we can need two things at once (and actually we usually need a lot more than two things at once.)


In conclusion, I am deeply sad over what happened. But I am much more upset about our reactions to it as Americans.

I am sick of this shit.

Just sick to death.

I am sick of all of these circular arguments that don’t do anyone any good, and I am sick of how nothing every changes.

America, I left. I moved away to a better country without gun violence. I love it here. I am safe. I can go to the movies and to school without fear. It’s wonderful.

From the outside looking in, you all look crazy pants-on-head retarded. The fact that you haven’t enacted gun control legislation or anti-discrimination laws is appalling.

As a Native American, I have no choice but to come home eventually. I have no European history to hearken back to, and no other place that I have any claim over. I am always going to be Native American, and so the US will always be my home.

And don’t tell me “love it or leave it” because we didn’t have gun violence in the USA until all you white folks showed up with guns. Just saying. There were no mass shootings in the Blackfoot Tribe (mine) prior to the illegal immigration of folks from Europe.

It’s my home, and you don’t get to tell me to leave just because I want gun control, better media, better mental healthcare, and less discrimination. I am not some person blinded by some sense of patriotism that keeps me from seeing the problems that we do have and do need to work on.

It is my right as an American to demand a better country.

We should all demand a better country.

21 thoughts on “Sick of This Shit America

  1. Leftist’s are just destroying this country, no matter what happens you blame conservatives, it’s truly sickening, there is no doubt about it the democratic left have set this country back almost to a third world country, your article is the exact same article I read from every single Leftist in America, you certainly have it easier than most, you just look at liberal news to see what you’re suppose to feel about every situation, you already know the conservatives done it, you just need to know in what manner. There was a time when democrats and republicans actually had debate clubs and could challenge ideas and disagreements, now not a chance, any disagreement toward the left demands a safe space and a pillow, oh and a smart phone to write articles, it doesn’t feel like America no more, sad 😦


    1. Actually, I don’t live in the USA.

      I am a Native American, but I am living overseas for work.

      My perspective comes from traveling the world and seeing how other countries do things better.

      I am not a Democrat, as you seem to think. I am an Independent and this election I plan to vote for Jill Stein. So, your assumptions about my politics and my background are pretty far off base.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well that’s good to hear, and I’m sorry if I went off on you, the leftist communist party are destroying us, but it was late so I’m sorry, anyway peace 🙂


      2. There will never be peace for someone like you. There will only be hate and unhappiness. I can see in your soul how ugly you are inside and I know you will never have peace.

        By the way, there is no god.

        I mean, you think other’s shouldn’t have freedoms and rights because of an imaginary thing.

        And finally, you should read about Communism. There isn’t anything even remotely like it in the USA, but there should be! Communism is wonderful. In fact, if you look back in my history you will see that I have written about it. 🙂


      3. Read about it. Seriously. It is not at all what you think. It’s protections for the poor and restrictions on the rich, and it makes for a wonderful system.


    2. You claim that liberals won’t debate things? That’s rich. I have seen liberals bring up gun control or abortions, and seen conservatives utterly unable to hold their shit together. They cover their ears and scream “Second Amendment!” and “Baby killers!” and it’s obvious that they have no clue how to think about the subjects in question. Thought, as it happens, is impossible for most conservatives. All they can do is whine and scream when people want something different from them.


      1. I think that’s true. Conservatives ARE more sensitive.

        Sometimes religious conservatives come here to teach. I like to tell them that there is no god. It’s fun if you just hold your own and keep saying it. “You’re going to die, and no one will be there. Your body will decompose. There is no god and no heaven, and your religion is just a fairy tale to comfort you, but it’s not true.”

        They get so upset. Sometimes they cry.

        But you know what? Fuck em if they can’t handle the truth, you know?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Abortion is just murder, and everyone knows that. That’s why your party try’s to do anything they can to prevent people seeing these pics. I think abortion is the biggest evil on this earth right now, gun control is what this country was built on, we have the right to bear arms, I’m not a gun person, never was, but honor the right. Look would you just admit today’s leftist party is not our grand parents Democratic Party, it’s not, and please do not get confused thinking I’m a devout republican, I’m not, I’m just anti-leftist, these people if they get control trust me MDS you won’t like it.


      3. Abortion: Killing a small collection of cells that is not a person. This is the same as having a tumor removed.

        Gun People: Want the right to kill full grown humans if they “seem threatening.”

        One of these things is wrong, and it’s not abortion.


      4. I don’t have a party. I am an Independent.

        But if I did have a party, it would certainly protect abortion rights. In fact, I am okay with killing babies AFTER they are born. If they have a disease or defect that will make them miserable or kill them slowly, I think we should absolutely euthanize babies. We do it for dogs so THEY want suffer, but we force humans to suffer. It’s not right.

        So yes, I am very pro abortion because everyone knows it is a woman’s choice and it is her right to control her body. But I am also pro baby killing.


      5. Oh no doubt you are pro baby killing, I knew that, at least you admit it, evil people like yourself are too many sadly but it is what it is, the left is full of people just like yourself.


      6. Of course not! That’s the thing; I know.

        You are the one who is uncertain.

        I am not.

        I know that there is no god. I know it is a fairy tale, and that you are delusional. I know for certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that the concept of “evil” is an invention of the worst people, and that it is not real.

        You may doubt.

        You may feel uncertain.

        But I know. I am not ignorant and uneducated. And because I know gods and sin are fake, I know you to be a sad sheep with incorrect beliefs.


  2. What a great, well-thought out assessment of all the elements of the tragedy.

    I would add that Conservatives are very oversensitive.

    They say that it is “Stupid PC bullshit” if a minority wants to be treated like a person. But as soon as you bring up banning guns, they get triggered and need a safe space. They won’t let us talk about it, but instead cover their ears and cry while they scream “Second Amendment!” as loud as their sad little voices can scream.

    With these oversensitive crazies getting triggered every time you bring up gun control, I really don’t know how we could ever have a conversation about it.


    1. Thank you. I put a lot of work into this post because I was really upset by the whole Orlando shooting thing (press coverage almost as much as the shooting.)

      Native Americans didn’t have guns, and I think we should go back to that. White men brought all the bad shit.


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