Truth in Media




Most Americans don’t know that other countries have laws preventing media outlets from knowingly lying.

In the USA, the courts have decided that the press is allowed to lie, because free speech gives them license to call themselves a “news show” while not actually giving factual information.

I try to tell people to read the BBC or the CBC if they want accurate news, but they don’t listen. This is unfortunate because both the BBC and the CBC are government funded but not government controlled (meaning they are not beholden to advertisers or owners) and at the same time, they publish from countries where free speech is not absolute, because the media is obligated to verify facts and report them accurately to the public.

You should know anytime you read news in the USA that media outlets there are all owned by Republicans. They are all beholden to advertisers. And, they all publish in a country with no laws requiring truth in media.

Keep that in mind he next time you want to show me a clip from Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, or any of the other nonsense networks in the USA.

It is all crap.

All of it.

Utter crap.




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