People, not Parties.



Everyone I know who is a Democrat has started bullying me to vote for Hillary Clinton. They don’t try to tell me about her great policy ideas or her wonderful record. There is nothing to tell on that score. Instead, they tell me that “at least she isn’t Trump.”

This has to be the most lukewarm endorsement any human being could receive.

Since they carry on insisting that there are only two parties and I therefore have only two choices, let’s talk about why that isn’t true.

Democrats: About 28% of the overall population of registered voters. A party that had a few decades of good politics behind it, after a long history of awful things (like backing Jim Crow laws.) In recent years, this party has stopped doing anything to farther a cohesive society, and has instead decided to funnel money up to the wealthiest Americans. Their recent nomination of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election probably means half their voters will leave them in favor of joining another party or becoming Independent.

Republicans: Less than 25% of all registered voters in the US, the Republican party used to be on the side of the downtrodden. Once, they fought for worker’s rights and to end segregation. However, in recent years they have begun backing an agenda of xenophobia, homophobia, government surveillance, and other things that are morally reprehensible and impossible to justify. Like the Democrats, they mainly focus on passing laws and adopting policy to help the wealthiest in the US retain their wealth, and gather more wealth. This is often done by allowing them to pay no tax, thereby forcing the entire tax burden onto the poor.

Green Party: This is the only “liberal” party in the USA. No other party is pushing an agenda that will help build a better society. The Green Party focuses on stopping the use of fossil fuels, furthering rights for women and minorities, rebuilding infrastructure and creating public transportation, and improving education while making college affordable. These are investments that societies make in having a future, and the fundamental things we must do in order to have a successful country in the long term. These values are built on cohesion, teamwork, and investment in our own people. This is the only party in the US that I can or would support.

Libertarian Party: Basically, the Libertarians are the opposite of the Green Party. Not only do they fight against progress in building a society, but they want to take away things you already have. Do you enjoy regulations that allow you to have clean water? Fuck you. Do you enjoy having the FDA make sure food is safe? Fuck you. Do you want to make sure we have hospitals and roads and schools? Fuck you. All they want is for everyone to have to fight to survive, and to basically get rid of the government and all the things the government has built to promote a civilized world. To be a Libertarian, you basically have to become a Doomsday Prepper. Get ready to filter your own water. Get ready to grow your own food. When it turns out you are too stupid to do either, buy a gun so you can shoot your smarter neighbor and take his stuff. Don’t worry; there are no cops for anyone to call on you. Those were part of the “oppressive government” you destroyed so there is no one to help the weak or the sick anymore.

Independent/Unaffiliated: This is the biggest group in the US, with recent PEW numbers suggesting that 43% of all registered voters were Independent prior to the Democratic primaries. I imagine a few more will be joining the ranks of anti-party folks after the fight over the Democratic nomination concluded in such a tragic way.

Independents are the largest voting group because people only know about the Democrats and the Republics, and at least we can all agree that both of those parties are completely and utterly corrupt. They no longer hold any value for the American people. They are sad, dying things.

So now people need to start looking into it more. Join a party other than the two corrupt ones, or start your own! Let’s figure out what must be done to take back the government. Right now, no one is working for the people. It’s just a bunch of bullies who still have party loyalty and are bitter, or a bunch of sad and disenfranchised folks. Let’s see what we can do to fix this!

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