I am so tired of people spewing propaganda at me.

“An Independent could never win an election.”

“A third party candidate could never win the election.”

“You have to pick the lesser of two evils; that’s just how it is.”

“You can’t change it, you just have to live with it.” 

“This is just how it is. Fall in line.”

“Don’t be a sore loser. Just vote for Hillary Clinton.”

Now look; we talked about this before, America. We talked about thinking for yourself and not repeating the rhetoric of the government and the media.

I am getting real tired of people not doing their own thinking, and instead just repeating what they have been told. That goes for you folks who follow The Young Turks just as much as it goes for you folks who follow Fox News. I am looking at all of you. Even if you are just repeating what John Oliver said (and I do love him!) that doesn’t mean you are thinking for yourself.

Think for yourself.

The cries of “Third Parties Can’t Win!” are mostly based on the fact that a third party candidate would have to raise more money than has been raised in the past. Well, so what? Bernie Sanders raised more money than any candidate in history. Why can’t we ask his supporters to move to a third party? It’s obviously possible to raise the money for someone like Jill Stein to get on the ballot in every state. But as long as people pretend that it’s not; it won’t happen.

My point is: Just because someone told you something is true, does not mean it is actually true. In fact in America, it generally means that whatever you have been told is utter bullshit.

Stop repeating ignorant shit and start doing research. 43% of registered voters in the US are Independents, and that is because most Americans can see that the Democrats and the Republicans are both lying assholes out to help the rich and no one else. Don’t vote for anyone from a major party. They don’t represent you. Look harder. Do more research. Don’t let anyone tell you that there’s nothing you can do.

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