We Love You




Dear Gay/Bi/Transgender people,

We love you.

Those of us with a sense of decency and understanding want those of you who are persecuted for your sexual orientations to know: You are awesome. You are safe with us. We will defend you and be your allies. We will always stand up for you.

Don’t let the few assholes (who are admittedly loud) drown out our voices.

We stand with you. We support you. We care.

I am so sorry for all the things I have heard over the past few days since the shooting in Pulse. I am so sorry for the people who think this tragedy was somehow the result of a god being angry because there is something wrong with being gay.

There is nothing wrong with being gay.

Nothing at all.

You are not sinful, your lifestyle is not wrong, and you do not deserve to be hurt or even to be spoken to unkindly.

Straight people like me are everywhere, and we want you to feel our love and support.

Victor Johnson

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