I just keep being horrified at the conservative websites (why do I go there?!?!) I am horrified at people who are applauding the shooter for killing gay people, but I am also horrified at people trying to call the shooting an act of Islamic terrorism.

Why did this shooting happen?

I will tell you!

Poor mental healthcare: Oh yes. Just like when it is a white guy, we have to admit that we have very bad mental healthcare and we don’t help troubled people.

Guns: Yes. It is the guns’ fault. We have lots of guns in the USA, and we have lots of shootings. Countries with less guns have less shootings. Guns absolutely do cause shootings, and pretending otherwise is seriously fucked up. Stop it, America.

Hate of Gay People: It is bullshit that anyone hates another person for their sexual orientation, since that is something that no one can change. If you hate gay people, go move to Iran where that shit is tolerated. Get out of my country.

Religion: The white kid who shot all those black people in a church did it because of racism, and that is a problem. And hate of gay people is a problem. We should address these problems. But there is also the matter of religion, which is used to oppress people and excuse violence. Religion is bad. It causes violence. We need to face that.

There are more reasons, but those are the main ones. And here I am reading conservative websites praising the shooter for killing gays, and also condemning him for being Muslim. It’s a level of cognitive dissonance that I can’t understand, but it’s got to stop.

Get a grip, America.

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