American Mass Shootings



I woke up to news of a mass shooting in Florida.

The day of Pride, someone decided to go murder people at a gay club.

My first thought was about how Pride in South Korea is sort of sad, because of all the protesters. They object pretty strongly to gay people here. However, they object peacefully with signs. Our Pride Parade may sometimes have more protesters than marchers, but no one ever gets hurt. So, I took a moment to be grateful for that.

But then I got angry.

Another mass shooting in the USA. Again. I thought after Sandy Hook we would finally start to see some gun control, but these people keep going on and on about how they have the right to own any kind of gun they want and carry it anywhere. I am sure that from inside the US this sounds less crazy.

However, I am not inside the US.

The longer I stay away, the more I see the point of view that my friends and co-workers have: Americans are crazy. Guns make people less safe. There are more shootings in places that have more guns. There are less shootings in places that have less guns. These are not things to get emotional about and fly off the handle. They’re just facts.

Basically we have a choice: Keep our guns and be less safe, or start to restrict ownership of guns and become more safe.

And that’s not a political opinion.

That isn’t something that should be polarized.

There should not be sides to this argument.

Children have died in mass shootings. Hopeful college students with their lives ahead of them have died in mass shootings. Mothers, fathers, and grandparents have been murdered in cold blood in mass shootings.

This is not normal.

It doesn’t happen in the rest of the world.

That absolutely is because the rest of the world has better gun control.

We don’t have more stabbings as a result. It’s much harder to kill someone when you have to get up close. Guns simply make it too easy to kill. All you have to do is pull a trigger. And statistics don’t lie; you’re safer from all violence in any other first world country than you are in the USA.

Get your shit together, America.

This is insane.

Grow a pair and put a stop to the violence. You’re not cavemen who need weapons and violence to solve problems. You can learn to use your big boy words. Please do this NOW.

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