Those Days


I meant to get a lot done last weekend, but I didn’t. I think all of us have those days. I meant to add to the book, because I want to release a second addition with even more angry rants. But as it happened, I got caught up in a show on Netflix called Sense 8, which is really very good.

On a side note, I have to use a proxy to watch anything here because of copywrite laws, and I have to say, that is bullshit. The rules governing international copywrite are so unnecessarily complicated that it’s easier to illegal download something than it is to pay for it.

I try to pay for my music and other entertainment, because I like having access to quality stuff. If no one spends a little money on the things they like, then the quality of those things will obviously go down.

So what I really want is for Netflix and other streaming services to shut up and take my money. Don’t tell me your service is blocked in my country! (I am looking at you in particular Comedy Central.) Just let me pay for access to content I like!

It’s driven me crazy since I got here that you can buy a bootleg copy of a movie at a subway station for a dollar, but nowhere will let you stream it online for any price. It’s like they actively try not to make money.

I don’t know what it would take to just let anyone in the world pay for streaming services, but we should really figure that shit out.



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