Not Me, US


I just read this, and I thought of the Bernie Sanders movement and what we are trying to bring to the US.

It’s just like what we already have here.

There is a reason that elementary school kids can go from one school to another on the subway alone. Everyone looks out for them as if they were their own. No one would hurt them. It’s a collective.

I like being part of a collective here. Like the Borg from Star Trek, but without the group-think.

I like that it’s okay to not be different here, and it’s okay to not make it on your own.

In addition to being an author (but my book!) I am a teacher.

I love how my students help one another. They are proud when the slow kid gets a thing. They all help. It’s this beautiful idea that we can depend on each other, and that is okay.

I love it.

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