Sick of This Shit America

  In the wake of the Orlando Massacre, I have tried to be kind to myself and avoid the Conservative news shows as much as possible. I have done this because I simply couldn’t handle all the hate flying around. However, ┬áseveral people who claim to be “liberal” jumped up onto the bullshit train, and […]

More Guns Equals More Danger

    I saw this and I had to smile. I have always felt this way. Having talked my way out of a great many fights, and a great many more serious altercations; it’s very important to be strong and not hide behind a gun. In all the cases at some of my old jobs […]

Income Inequality

  There is a very basic truth that we seem to be overlooking as a society: In order for us to have a healthy economy, we need to have a population that can afford to purchase goods and services. Now, the figures are staggering when it comes to just how poor Americans really are these […]

Truth in Media

    Most Americans don’t know that other countries have laws preventing media outlets from knowingly lying. In the USA, the courts have decided that the press is allowed to lie, because free speech gives them license to call themselves a “news show” while not actually giving factual information. I try to tell people to […]

The Perfect Analogy

  I found it! Ever since the mass shooting in Orlando, I have been furious. At first, I was furious that another mass shooting had occurred in my country, and I felt powerless to stop it. I was mad for the families, the friends, and anyone who lost someone. To have a gay club attacked […]

Living in Fear

Which white guy in the photo above is the “good guy with a gun?” Can you tell? How do you know? If you have a doubt, and you’re not sure, then isn’t it terrifying to have to stand next to him and worry “What if he is the bad guy with the gun?” Isn’t that […]