International Holidays

  The last few posts about Korean holidays got me thinking: When I talk to people from the US, they are often surprised that holidays are different elsewhere. This always confuses me. Obviously Thanksgiving is a North American holiday and everyone knows that, right? Christmas is a Christian holiday and everyone knows that, right? Wrong. […]

New Year’s

This will be the last post on the differences in holidays between the US and Korea. I hope you’re not getting bored, but I thought I would share some insight on this because people back home are always so surprised, and I don’t think we should find other cultures so shocking. So New Year’s Day […]

Birth of the Savior

  In keeping with the theme this week, here is another post about holidays in Korea. Buddha’s Birthday is an important holiday in South Korea, and so May 14th is a day for festivals, food, and parades. One year, I made a lantern at the temple pictured above (they had a class) and then marched […]

Love Holidays

  Explaining how Asians celebrate different parent/child holidays yesterday made me realize that you might be interested in other differences like that. This is mostly for political rants, but there’s no harm in a few educational expat posts, right? So today, let’s talk about Valentine’s Day in South Korea. All of the countries in the […]

Mother’s Day

  Mother’s Day and Father’s Day were always hard for me back in the US. There’s pictures everywhere of parents being loving with their children, and I can’t help but think of how I didn’t get to have that. I have no one to call on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Actually, there are a […]

Skin Color

  There are a lot of things that the US doesn’t do every well, and that is the main focus of Angry Rants for Average Americans. However, there are some things that the US does better than a lot of other places, and I do want to give credit where credit is due. So, thank […]

US Bathrooms

I have puzzled over bathroom stall design in the US since I was a small child. Back then, I didn’t know that there was anything different everywhere else. All I knew was, the design had obvious flaws. Why all the gaps? The first opportunity I had to puzzle over this was when I was in […]

Mental Health in the USA

      The US pays more per capita than any other nation for healthcare. And yet, we have the lowest standard of care of any developed nation. This is a problem in many obvious ways, like rationing of care (how long did you have to wait the last time you needed to see a specialist), […]

Respect All Humans

  It is true that I am a world traveler with nonsense around my house from all over. It is true that I don’t live in the US. I have two college degrees and I actually have a pretty cool life. However, it was not always this way. I was really poor growing up. Like, […]

Something I Am Proud Of

  There are a lot of things that other countries do better than the US. I am constantly amazed at the public transportation, single-payer healthcare, and other great perks of living abroad. However, there is one big thing that the US does better than everyone else. In the US, marriage means next to nothing. You […]