Being an Expat


We are all here for different reasons.

With me, I had a health problem that was expensive to manage in the US and is cheap here in South Korea.

But lots of guys came here to date Korean women. Others came to learn about the culture. Some came to pay off student loans. Some couldn’t find jobs in the US. And some are running away from their families, exes, or old lives.

We are a mismatched bunch of weirdos.

I realized this when sitting at the unofficial “American” table in front of the GS25.

The weather is nice right now. We go in, buy beer, and then sit at the tables outside and shoot the shit about back home. We talk politics and religion, culture and language, and  what we’re running from.

And I am happy.

I think I will always be happy, as long as I can spend my life doing strange things with weird people and shooting the shit over beers (ideally something better in the future than Cass and Hite, but it’s Korea so what can you do?)





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