The White Rose Society



The original White Rose Society in Germany was an organization that fought Adolph Hitler in Nazi Germany. They were all killed, but their message lived on.

Now, there is a “new” self-proclaimed White Rose Society, and I thought that I would check them out.

I hung out in their groups, tried to interact with them, and attempted to understand what they think they stand for.

I was so disappointed.

Once, I heard someone say that the Internet is like a toddler with a gun. Sometimes it reaches out and smites someone who deserves it for once (like when Anonymous took down that girl who abused puppies.) And then sometimes, it shoots its best friend and cries.

The new White Rose Society, or at least their Facebook group, is the latter. Lots of hate towards anyone (even someone who agrees!)

The part that shocked me the most was the notion among them that expats somehow have a greater say in American politics. A Canadian living in Germany named Winston Smith was a complete dickbag to me, but everyone was like “Oh but he is an expat so he’s smart.”

First, what a Canadian has to say about American politics automatically means less, because they don’t have to deal with the results. Think about it: no matter who is elected in the US, they are still going to have Universal Healthcare and scientists on their money and better shit than us.

Second, expats are the ones who leave. You may be able to say that we expats know more about foreign affairs. Certainly I wrote an entire book about it (and you can buy it on amazon!) But again, if Trump gets elected, I will still be making a living wage in a better country.

So its dumb to say “expats matter more.”

Rather, you should judge the content of each person’s argument instead of the person themselves.

And don’t ever try to use Philosophy to sound smart. We all took that class way back in Freshman year. None of us care what you have to say. It doesn’t make you sound smart, just young and clueless.

Overall, the main point here is: The Internet is full of idiots, but I hope none of you idiots vote for Trump!

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