Unbearably Stupid Americans



I was wandering around some conservative websites because I guess I like to torture myself. I have a question, and if anyone has an answer please tell me: Why is it impossible for conservatives to take issue with actual bad things?

In the meme above (from a conservative site) the suggestion is that:

1. Hillary Clinton is a Communist.
2. She kills babies.
3. She caused deaths at a US embassy.

Literally none of those things have any truth at all to them.

First, Hillary Clinton is worth $200 million dollars and is very solidly in favor of big banks and American Capitalism. So, these people are obviously too stupid to see that, and I sure am disappointed that our education system could be so bad that it would be hard for these folks to differentiate between Capitalism and Communism. (Very different systems.)

Second, Hillary Clinton has done fuck-all for abortion rights. Seriously, she’s been less than useless. I have done more just in writing and blogging and yelling about it. I have always supported a women’s right to choose without the man being involved in any way. That is what is right, because it is her body. Hillary Clinton hasn’t been an ally.

Third, Republicans are the ones who cut funding for consulate security, and so it is actually Republicans who are 100% responsible for everything that happened in Benghazi. Seriously, it didn’t matter that folks might have evacuated earlier or later. More security would have made all the difference, and we didn’t have it because Republicans cut the funding.

My point is this:

Everything that this meme implies is so stupid and wrong that I actually felt bad downloading it to my computer so that I could upload it to my blog. As soon as it was uploaded, I deleted it from my desktop and felt dirty for having something so stupid even touch my beautiful hard drive.

However, there are plenty of really legitimate reasons to hate Hillary Clinton.

I mean, she collected hundreds of thousands of dollars in “speaking fees” from big banks on Wall Street. And people might say “show us the transcripts” because they have doubt about what was really going on. But let me tell you; there is no reason to doubt. She didn’t give speeches. Speaking fees have always been and still very much are bribe money. Don’t doubt that. She was given hundreds of thousands of dollars, and it was to bribe her to advance the interests of the banks over the common good of the people. We can all pretend to believe in the political theater if we want to be naive. However, facts are still facts.

She also supported the Obama administration’s bombing of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia, ans Syria. We really have no reason to be raining death on these countries. If you think we are targeting and successfully killing “terrorists” then you are an idiot and you shouldn’t be reading my blog. We had political interests. For example, we bombed Libya to punish them for not wanting to use US currency for trade. It was not okay. And Hillary Clinton supported it and the other estimated 23,000 bombs we have dropped in the last few years. It’s like she owns stock in defense contractors. Oh, wait. She does. So all that killing sure is a business opportunity for her.

That’s not all. She supported a candidate who was against civil right in college. She was against gay rights initially in more modern times. She has proven herself to be close-minded and against sharing the prosperity of modern society with those she finds disagreeable. Calling young black men “super predators” and wanting them all in jail is another good example of that, but there are so many.

She supported the trade deal with Panama that allowed for the creation of tax shelters for US corporations and individuals (making it so that no one rich has to pay taxes like “the little people.”) She also supported the TPP until after the vote, at which time she said “Oh yeah that might have been bad…” But who cares? She already voted for it. And it passed.

Actually Hillary Clinton does the above often. She waits until after her vote is cast and nothing at all can be done to change the events that she set in motion, and then she changes her position. Because after all, you can vote for something and then speak against it later. Why not? It just means you get what you want and you pretend to care what everyone else wants.

The fact is, she has always been on the wrong side of history, she is racist, and she is shady. She’s also sexist, and here is a direct quote to prove it:

“Women make better politicians, ladies. Now now, you know it’s true. See, we know how to listen. Men can’t listen, can they? Of course not. And so that’s why they aren’t as good in politics as us.”

I saw her say this in a commencement address at a woman’s college, and I was shocked.

See, I always work very hard to ensure that I never imply that one gender is superior to the other. I am not a sexist, and in fact, I consider myself to be a feminist. I know men aren’t supposed to say that, but whatever. I stand up for women’s rights and I am not trying to perpetuate some worn-out gender war.

But Hillary Clinton is.

Folks, I have to say, that makes me sick.

All of the facts about her make me angry.

So this is why I want to know: Why do conservatives call her a Communist? Seriously? There is plenty of material if you want to talk about why Hillary Clinton sucks. She sucks a lot for a multitude of reasons. Why not use the real offenses she has committed against her, rather than making things up?

I really do want to know.

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