Love Holidays



Explaining how Asians celebrate different parent/child holidays yesterday made me realize that you might be interested in other differences like that. This is mostly for political rants, but there’s no harm in a few educational expat posts, right?

So today, let’s talk about Valentine’s Day in South Korea.

All of the countries in the region, including Japan, Taiwan, and China break Valentine’s Day into three separate holidays.

Valentine’s Day: Celebrated on Feb. 14th, this is the holiday in which girls present men in their lives with chocolate or gifts.

White Day: Celebrated on March 14th, this is the holiday in which men present the women in their lives with gifts and chocolate.

Black Day: Celebrated on April 14th, this is the holiday for singles. You are mean.t to take yourself out for a date, or attend a mixer to meet people. Maybe buy a cat.

These three holidays combine to touch on all the aspects of Western-style Valentine’s Day, but in more depth.

Many of the things are the same, since the chocolate companies import plenty of stuff to Asia. The most notable difference is the card, which is an important component in Western society. However, Asia doesn’t really do cards. It hasn’t caught on. So if you want to celebrate by getting your lover a card, you will need to order it from an online vendor well in advance, because you won’t find one in the stores.

Otherwise it is fairly similar, with people going out on dates and presenting each other with chocolate.

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