Something I Am Proud Of



There are a lot of things that other countries do better than the US. I am constantly amazed at the public transportation, single-payer healthcare, and other great perks of living abroad. However, there is one big thing that the US does better than everyone else.

In the US, marriage means next to nothing. You can get a drive-thru wedding in Las Vegas where Elvis marries you, and the next day you can get a drive-thru divorce. Sure, it’s what you make it; and you can make it a big deal if you want to. But you don’t have to. Culture doesn’t demand it.

When I lived in the states, no one ever asked me when I was going to get married. When I go back to visit, there isn’t any pressure about it. It’s one of those things that most people do, but no one is trying to force me into anything. At least, not forcefully.

In contrast, in South Korea I can’t believe how often I am told that I need to find a wife and have children. It’s a nearly daily phenomenon. “You’re too old to be single,” they say. “Find a wife now, before only ugly ones are left,” they say. And by the way, this is strangers on benches when we are waiting for a bus! It’s not even people I know. It’s just everyone, all the time, every day.

My European friends confirm that it is better there than in Korea, but there is still more pressure than the US. So congratulations US! In this one thing, you are the best.

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