Don’t Be Sad; Organize!


So Bernie Sanders is preparing for a contested convention and Hillary Clinton is urging him to drop out. A lot of my friends are Sanders supporters and they are all disappointed that he hasn’t “won” a lot of states (It was often close enough that they got the same number of delegates.)

First, I want to tell you that they are close enough in delegates that unless Bernie Sanders drops out, there will be a contested convention. That’s just how the system works.

That means that if Sanders supporters organize and donate and stay excited, there is a good chance that he’ll get the nomination.

Second, this is supposed to be about a movement to change the country for the better. We don’t need to elect Bernie Sanders to do that. We need to write to our Representatives, get involved in local government, and work each day to actually change things.

Hillary Clinton would be a terrible President. So would Donald Trump. It would be awful if either of them got elected.

However, that doesn’t mean we just give up. Even if one of them does get elected, there is no giving up. After all, none of us can afford to immigrate anywhere else, and almost nowhere wants Americans. We’re basically stuck, and it’s up to us to fight for the country that we want.

Don’t be sad; organize!

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